10 Mouth-Watering Gifts For Beer Lovers

Are you freaking out about what to get everyone on your list this year? I know I am. Not because I’m out of ideas, because I’m out of money! HA!

Therefore, instead of spending my Cyber Monday shopping, I spent the day putting together 10 things you can get me the beer lover in your life for Christmas. Or Hanukkah. Or Kwanzaa. Or Festivis. ETC. Not only that, but I’ll do my best to suggest local & world-wide options. I know I have readers in many parts of the world, not just in Michigan. Cheers, world! 
Get ready to be considered a superstar shopper, because you are about to rock your loved one’s stockings right off the mantel with some of these. 
Of course the first gift would be BEER for the BEER lover from Momma Needs a Beer! Who do you think I am?! I have my priorities! Beer isn’t just an excellent gift for your sister-in-law; you will be the hero of every holiday party you attend if you bring a few bottles of good beer for a tasting with your friends. You probably have a few of your own favorites. Here are a few of mine. 
  • For sharing (22 oz)
    • Founder’s Bolt Cutter. I had the pleasure of tasting the 15th Anniversary Ale over the weekend, and it does live up to the hype & price-tag. It can be a difficult find, so you may want to start looking now. 
    • Southern Tier’s Pumking. If you followed my Great Pumpkin Beer Search this fall, you will know that I fell in love with this spicy, carmelicious pumpkin beer. Here’s the video in case you missed it. 
    • New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk. One of my favorites, but it’ll pack a punch!
      • Bonus-gift: throw in a 5th of Espresso Vodka. A shot of Espresso Vodka in a 3/4 full pint of Dragon’s Milk is a delicious concoction! 
  • For gift-giving… make it fun: pick up a few brown pipe-cleaners, red furry balls and google-eyes to turn an ordinary 4 or 6 pack of bottles into rein-beer! I know it’s cheesy as hell, but it’s the holidays! Some of my favorites in 4 & 6-packs:
Winter Beer Fest Tickets.  Sold Out! 🙁
Tickets to anything = excellent stocking stuffer! I am SO excited to go to the Michigan Winter Beer fest for a 3rd year in February. Tickets go on sale this Saturday. Do.not.wait to order tickets. They sold out in about a week last year, and will likely follow suit this year. The MWBF offers tents full of Michigan breweries; samples range from the usual suspects you’d find within the brewery, to unique batches made just for this event… where else will you find Carrot Cake Ale? Or Red Hot Shocker? Oh yes. Wanna hear more about this awesome festival? Here’s my recap from my first year, and another from earlier this year.
** World-Wide Readers: Yes, this one is pretty much for the Michiganders, or for those wishing to travel to Michigan, but… utilize your favorite search engine for beer festivals in your area, because I know Michigan isn’t the only state to offer up a Winter Beer Festival.

No one wants to drink out of their hands. The beer-lover in your life would probably appreciate something to drink their beer out of, &/or to keep their beer cold, and hands warm and dry, yes? Check out the Momma Needs a Beer store for a few fun new items I just added in recent weeks. CHEERS! 
Bottle Openers.
No, I don’t have bottle openers in my store… yet, so check out this fun flash-drive bottle opener on Amazon. It also does triple-duty holding the keys you won’t be using to drive after drinking all the yummy craft beer you received for Christmas. 
Mug Club Membership.
This Saturday, the hubs & I will attempt, for the 4th year in a row, to become Mug Club Members at Founders. There is a teeny-tiny-sliver-of-a-window of opportunity to do so, and we always miss out. This year, we’re looking forward to our own etched mug along with event discounts as well as discounted… beer. What more do you need?! Many breweries offer mug club memberships… inquire within your favorite brewery for the stipulations & perks. 
Homebrewing Supplies.
If are shopping for the beer-lover in your life, there is a good probability that they either already brew beer… or want to brew beer. The supplies can be overwhelming, so I recommend hitting up a store like Homebrewing & Hydroponics Hobby Shop here in Grand Rapids. The staff is knowledgeable without being condescending. You can google for a similar store near you if you aren’t in the GR area. 
Note… I have not homebrewed… yet; I have priced out supplies at a few stores, just never went through with it because it can be spendy to get started. This is one of my goals for 2013. Look at me already making resolutions… 

What beer-lover wouldn’t want to display one of these in their home-bars… or where a bar will eventually be once the toy room is no longer necessary?
Beer Gear.
What would a blogger’s shopping list be without an Etsy shout-out? Check out Mindy’s Beer Gear. Just do it… I’ll wait… Pretty awesome, huh? She upcycles the cardboard from 4 & 6 packs of beer and magically turns them into wallets, belts, handbags and more… oh my. I have a collection of carefully selected beer packs set aside just for her. I.Can’t.Wait.

Wait… this is the list for the beer lover? Yes. Many beer lovers I know appreciate a good pot of coffee as well. Many stouts are made with coffee or espresso, so the correlation makes sense (and why I always tell my coffee-loving non-beer drinking friends to try a breakfast stout!) When the hubs & I picked up a french press a couple years ago, I thought it would be used for special occasions only. But we make at least one daily french pressed pot of coffee and have not looked back! 
Gift Certificates to Breweries.
Your beer lover is probably fairly vocal about their favorite brewery. Find out if that brewery offers up Gift Certificates/Cards… some breweries may offer a merchandise store right within the brewery, or online. 
Did I miss mentioning something on your wish list this year? Let me know!


Please note: some of the links within this post may be affiliate links. However, I received no compensation for mentioning any of the above businesses. I simply believe they offer kick-ass products & services.

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