1am Wake-up Call

Been awhile since we’ve been up at . Once upon a time I used to stay up until, ok, PAST this dreaded hour; more recently, it was a feeding time for a newborn daughter or two. 

Last night, I awoke to thunder and a tornado siren. It was quite the adventure. My 5 yo, Natalie has been waking up when it thunders lately, so she was up and then once the sirens went off, she was screaming for us, wondering what was going on. The hubs is one of those lucky freaks who actually falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow and doesn’t move until morning. It took a bit of convincing to get him up. I had the TV on telling us to take shelter, as well as tornado sirens going off… and he still didn’t believe me! But, finally, he got it. I didn’t want to wake our 2 yo, Sedona, but when you live in a 2-story house and your BRs are on the 2nd story (our room has 2 windows & a sliding glass door that goes out to a balcony!) ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Sedona woke up SO happy! Natalie was a chatterbox the entire time we were up. It was cute. We spent about 45 minutes in the basement until we were pretty sure the storm had passed. No tornado was confirmed in our area (however, one was confirmed about 5 miles away), but the thunderstorm was pretty wicked, so it wasn’t as loud or scary in the basement. The girls had plenty to keep their minds off the storm. Sedona was very active (as usual) and played… even asked to play the drums — which Greg resisted at first, but then I’m like… why not? We’re all up, it’s not like she’s going to play louder than this storm! Natalie & I just snuggled in the recliner… and talked. Lots of talking. Once the major portion of the storm had passed, we all went back upstairs, and the girls went back to bed fairly easily around 2am. A scary thing turned into a nice little family bonding experience for us. 

This morning is a different story, of course. 2 cranky kids. Hopefully we can bond over sharing nap-time for 3 this afternoon. 

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