2nd Blogiversary!

Two years ago today, thanks to a little nudge from my friend Alissa at Have Stroller Will Travel, I quietly started this blog with In the Beginning, There Were Books and followed it up with Asking for Help is Hard. Both of these posts still hold a special place in my heart. In some ways, I think only two years? Because it feels much longer sometimes. I don’t know how I lived my life without blogging. It’s so therapeutic, and the community I have gotten to know has been fantastic. 

I believe I have grown so much in the last 2 years, even though the root of my writing has remained the same: capturing & embracing every moment I have with my family & friends, even the awful moments that may require a little alcohol to uncover the comedy behind them. 

The last 2 years have not been easy, but I’ve done my best to maintain a positive attitude, even through the recent rough patch I experienced through the loss of my niece. I saw some pretty dark days surrounding everything that happened with my little Tenacious D. I’m still fighting that, but I’m getting help, both online & off! And I do believe I’m still the same fun, beer-loving Momma my nearest & dearest know & love. 

Let’s walk through a few highlights from the past year, shall we? 


I celebrated my first blogiversary — and that same day I was knocked out while having a growth on my foot removed surgically. I had to stay off my feet for 3 weeks — not a huge accomplishment, but the growth was cancer-free, and I maintained my sanity… and enjoyed wearing sandals again!! Even little victories should be celebrated!

I participated in a 30 Days of Songs Meme with a few blogging buddies, and wrote daily, wait, make that 32 posts! 

I watched my oldest daughter get duct-taped to a wall… in the name of science. I also witnessed the same daughter grow leaps and bounds over her understanding the depth of her cousin’s terminal illness.

We went with the flow & laughed through our bedtime struggles with our entertaining youngest. Through the Capture the Everyday Meme, I shared something I was good at, and yes, there is an audio clip of me singing if you follow this link and want to hear

I discussed what no one talks about with my oldest: peeing in the shower. And enjoyed some fun in the sun at the Michigan Summer Beer Fest!

Crazy busy month… I attended my first Blogging Conference: BlogHer ’11 in San Diego, was featured in a Clever Girls Collective video with P!nk and rubbed noses with a celebrity! A few days later, the hubs had a conference in Salt Lake City, so I spent my birthday driving around a convertible in the mountains. It was a day I’ll never forget. My oldest decided to chop her hair, and both of my daughters are now attending school. I also officially became a work-at-home Momma! I am now a paid, free lance writer. Email me if you are in need of content articles and beyond! 

We officially became a diaper-free home!! WOO-HOO!!! 
I attended my first BeerSocialGR with fellow Grand Rapids area bloggers & tweeters. 
I realized just how much power there is in the words yes & no.

I participated in A Week In the Life challenge, capturing just about every moment of the day for a week with Melissa at Adventuroo. Many reasons that week was so good for me, but outside of the obvious,  I met a couple of awesome new blogging buddies in Jocelyn & Alexia (check them out — they rock!) and about 10 days later, my iPhone crashed and I lost everything… thankfully I posted so many pictures that week, I came close to driving to North Carolina to make out with Mel. #thereIsaidit. This month also found me addicted to Pinterest… which I still ADORE… but don’t need 12 steps to walk away from Pinterest for a few hours. Follow me!
We kicked off the month by celebrating my oldest’s 7th birthday in East Lansing at Spartan Stadium. So fun… and we won! GO GREEN! I survived a week of single-motherhood while the hubs had to work in Switzerland for a week. I enjoyed writing about just how good blogging is for your health. No, really, it totally is! And then I went all tiger-mom and got plenty of feedback over my opinion of the Penn State Scandals
Another busy month (when isn’t December bat-shit crazy?!) found my family hosting a Company Christmas Party at our house. I shocked the hubs when I opened our door to a stranger a few nights later. I treated my cousins to a night out in Grand Rapids thanks to an opportunity from the Clever Girls & Serve. And after suffering a massive hangover that same weekend, I wrote about 11 ways to AVOID a hangover. On Christmas Eve, I paid for the busy month and succumbed to the fact that I had mono again.

I kicked off the month by being critiqued on MomComm which led me to a decision to make the switch to WordPress (the big switch will finally be happening next month!!). Then created a little fun flowchart: Does Momma Need a Beer? Unfortunately, that fun didn’t last long, as my niece lost her battle on earth. The remaining days of the month, and into February I struggled to write, but I’m nothing but honest, so I did my best to capture my reality. 

Still in a bit of a fog, but I managed to keep writing at least once/week… not only for theraputic reasons, but because I actually had things I did want to write about. Like how we’re raising our advanced reader.  I also had so much fun planning for and participating in the Michigan Winter Beer Fest. This kicked off an upswing that I’m still riding today. 

That upswing I mentioned? It got even better as we celebrated Sedona’s 4th birthday in Disney World. I was inspired to write daily for a week, and the posts are jam-packed with info if you’re planning a trip to Disney World anytime soon. 

Throughout the last 2 years, my writing has been featured on BlogHerDaily Buzz MomsMommy Page and Band Back Together along with several content articles spattered throughout the interwebs.
You guys have been all kinds of awesome over the last 2 years. I wish I could personally hug those of you who have reached out through comments on here, facebook, twitter & countless emails. I couldn’t have accomplished what I have these last 2 years without you. The title of this blog could have probably has pissed off a few people who likely judged Momma Needs a Beer by it’s title and moved on. But those of you who have stopped to take a read know I’m not some drunken Momma, stumbling through parenthood one beer at a time. I usually call my sitter before I morph into her.


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