5 Craptastic Gifts

Blogging from the road again. But I gotta be honest — I am growing leery about completing my daily writing goal for the month… I think I can… I think I can…

Linking up with Alissa @ Clever Compass today for her Friday 5! Today is all about bad gifts. You know you’ve gotten them. How do you react? I’m terrible. I try to hide my disappointment… really, I do! But these 5 gifts probably deserved the look they got. #thereisaidit

Doily Angel Sweatshirt.
God bless my Aunt Rose. She tried. Maybe if I was 40 years older I would’ve appreciated the gesture of her actually buying me a Christmas gift. But, this burgundy sweatshirt with a doily shaped angel on it was dreadful. Especially at age 13. I actually wish I still had it for some ugly christmas sweater party!

Doily Angel Sweatshirt.
I can’t make this shit up. My Aunt got me the same damn sweatshirt the following Christmas.

15 year old Toaster.
The hubs & I tried returning a toaster with the slew of duplicate gifts we got for our wedding. Among them was a toaster. The lady at target scanned & opened the box, dumped out crumbs, then looked at the copyright under the barcode: 1983. We got married in 1998. Yup. Used & regifted!!!

Mermaid memorabilia.
You knew I’d list a gift from my mother, right? In my teens, i collected Disney’s Little Mermaid memorabilia. I had authentic dolls in boxes, plates, ceramics, snowglobes, etc. So for years. YEARS. I’d get generic mermaid crap from my mother for every birthday & Christmas. I actually think I got a generic mermaid towel a couple years ago. I get the gesture of her thinking she “knows” me enough to buy this crap… but it kinda felt like a half-assed gesture. Speaks volumes of our relationship in general. She never listened to me long enough to fully understand my needs or wants.

First valentine gift from my now husband was a big yellow terry cloth robe. I was 18 years old & had zero use for a robe. I would LOVE this now, but at the time, it felt like an odd gift. I love my husband. So much. And he’s gotten much better at gift giving over the years. Especially for someone who doesn’t like to shop.

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