5 Foolish Things

Clever Compass' Friday 5Happy Friday, friends!! 
Today, I’m linking up with Alissa at the Clever Compass for a little fun… today’s topic is all about the foolish things I’ve done. 
Dum dum duuuuuum…. 
This is not an easy task for me. 
I try not to have many regrets in life.

When I do fight that nasty regretful monster, I try to learn from the experience and use the foolish moments as stepping stones to more positive aspects of life.

But let’s face it, we have all done foolish things, such as… 

#1. Dating multiple guys at once.
I was an indecisive fool as a teen. My mother forbid me to date until I was 16. But I could go on group-dates at 14. Don’t know how much of a difference this truly made, but once I was finally “allowed” to date, I went a little nutty. Played the field and juggled several guys until I’d commit to the guy who’d make the biggest fool over me. I’d turn into a terrible friend (huge regret!) especially when a few intense relationships overlapped. The last guy I dated in high school got so mad at me when I admitted to wanting to see other people, he drove his Mom’s car into a ditch… and I ignored him instead of helping him or doing… something. I started dating my husband, while I strung the high-school guy along for a couple more months until I realized the depth of my feelings for the hubs. But I still fight the guilt-monster over that one. Although, I haven’t strayed from the hubs since. 
#2. Lying about a babysitting gig when I was actually going to a party… where my friend & I were the only girls. 
First problem with this one? I actually told my parents the family I was “babysitting” for, who they were also friends with. My mom was suspicious when my friend picked me up, and lost her mind calling everyone in the phone book trying to find me. No cell phones back in the early 90s! The main reason I lied was to get out of my strict curfew. Which… wasn’t even necessary. We went to the party around 8p, the guys with were shocked a “good girl” like me showed up, which, let’s face it, was half the fun. I drank shots of blue malibu and was drunk by 10p; my friend was responsible & had a little alcohol-free fun since she was driving. From what fuzzy memories I have, I did have a blast, it remained a platonic – but flirty – party, and my friend & I were the life of the party being the only girls in a house of a dozen guys… of course. However, even though I was home before 11p, my mother was waiting for me, and I had to take the lecture of all lectures, while the room span… and I lost a babysitting gig with the family I lied about. If I just said I was hanging out with friends, or mentioned a new family I was babysitting for, etc., I probably would’ve gotten away with the whole damn thing. Wait, I didn’t mention that I regret going to the party? Because I don’t. Let’s just say I learned my lesson and got more creative with my lies after that. 

#3. Losing my mind over not getting a role I wanted in a musical. 
The hubs (my fiance at the time) got the lead (again) in the musical Barnum. One of my close friends won the role of his wife, not me. I found out while I was working as a co-op at Dow Chemical, and unprofessionally lost it in front of a high-ranking manager. She did end up coming to see the show though… which was kind of awesome. I won the role of the Blues-Singer, who has a major 10-min long song/dance toward the end of the show, and I got to wear a very sweet, custom-made black & white dress. I made the song my own & kinda managed to steal the show. Yes, really. When dining with the hubs at our local Applebee’s the Saturday afternoon before the final show, the hostess recognized and gushed all over ME; went on & on about how I could perform professionally, and completely ignored the hubs. I think she may have even told him how lucky he was to be dating such a talented chic. The hubs, who was in every scene, walked a tightrope, and was even wearing a Barnum show-shirt that day. Made me feel like a complete fool for ever wanting to play any other role. 
#4. Leaving my awesome music industry job in Tucson.
I had been working for a company that represented producers & a few artists like Cracker & the North Mississippi Allstars. Very laid back, I could wear what I wanted, and the boss (who was rarely in the office) had a tough shell to break, but actually liked me. I probably could’ve moved up the ladder within the company and industry quickly… but… the hubs got a job in Grand Rapids that he couldn’t turn down less than a year after I started my pretty sweet gig. We didn’t know if another job opportunity would come around; and since I didn’t have a degree, we had to go where the jobs were for the hubs. He left his job at IBM, I left my job in the music industry… 9/11 happend a couple months after we moved… my 29 day old nephew passed away a year and a half later, and my father-in-law the year after that. Michigan’s employment still sucks. It’s very possible we would still be living in Tucson if we didn’t make the move then. My entire life could be different at this very moment if an alternate decision was made. I try not to over-think it. Life is so good. 
#5. Locking ourselves out on a hotel balcony after chain-locking the entry-door.
I’ve saved the best for last. Fellow How I Met Your Mother fans, you may especially enjoy this tale.

The hubs & I had just moved to Tucson and were ready to EXPLORE!! We met up with one of his old high-school buddies who was living in Phoenix and took him along as we drove north to Lake Powell. Lake Powell is incredible… but like another planet. If you ever have a chance to go, you should, it’s an experience!

The three of us had a beer while we hung out in our hotel room, and I decided to chain-lock the door before making a few sandwiches. Instead of taking the sandwiches with us on our sunset hike, we decided to eat them out on our balcony. The hubs & I walked out on the balcony, then our friend came out to join us, and slammed the sliding-glass door shut behind him.

We pulled at the door — it was sooooo locked… and our hearts sunk deeper as we looked at the hotel door, and saw the chain. But, we did have sandwiches (bright side!) so we ate them as we came up with a brilliant plan.

We were on the 2nd floor. Right above the office window. Yup.

We did manage to have a hotel key, and it was one of those up & down chain locks, not one that goes across. So our friend decided that he would jump down and attempt to jimmy open the chain-locked door from the other side.

Our friend waited until the parking lot was cleared of people (our balcony overlooked the parking lot) and he sort of crawled over the balcony, hung on, then kicked the office window as he jumped down and scooted into the hotel, acting like a bird hit the window… or something. The hubs & I were dying of laughter at this point, but he still had to open the door, with the chain-lock in place.

We soon watched with baited breath from the balcony as the door was cracked opened, and his hand fussed with the chain-lock. The hubs & I were screaming at him, telling him he was so close, and that he almost had it (like he could even hear us!!!)

And then, the door shut.

He ran out saying he was going to have to get help and we screamed down at him, telling him he almost had it!! He tried again… and after a few more attempts… got it opened!! Crisis averted. But you better believe that I have never eaten sandwiches on a balcony without checking to be sure we wouldn’t be locked out again. 

And now… a song.
Just because we all need a cheesy song to go along with a list of foolish tales.
Should’ve known better… come on, you know the words. Sing along!

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