5 Gifts That Made Me Cry

Clever Compass' Friday 5Happy Friday!!

Today, I’m linking up with Alissa at Clever Compass to talk about the 5 best gifts I’ve received.

I probably love giving gifts more than receiving them. I try to go the extra mile, finding that special something for the person I obviously care enough about to give a gift to!

But… when someone goes the extra mile to surprise me?! (Which isn’t easy!) I hold that moment in my heart forever.

Warning! It’s about to get sappy in here… 

5th Anniversary Ring
The hubs & I were about to head up north to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary together, and as we were about to walk out the door, he stopped me. Here I thought the trip up north was our gift to each other… but the hubs handed me a box, and I immediately started tearing up. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a sparkling sapphire ring staring back at me. The hubs told me the ring reminded him of my eyes. Nearly 10 years later, I’m still deeply in love with him… and the ring!

My Granni’s Jewelry
Growing up, I always adored my Granni’s style. She always dressed perfectly for every occasion: never overdressed, never underdressed, down to her accessories. When she moved back to Michigan from Florida, and then into an assisted living situation last year, my dad collected & set aside a few things for her grand-daughters. I received a box full of her jewelry. I do believe I have found every excuse in the book to wear the ring & cuff bracelet seen in the picture here daily. My Granni wore the ring all the time, and still wears one very similar to it today. The crazy thing about the ring? It fits 4 of my fingers and one of my thumbs. What is this, sisterhood of the travelling ring?! There are more pieces I still have to sort through with my sisters, but these two are my favorite of the lot.

The Williams’ Player Piano
After the hubs & I got married 14 years ago, he immediately started a job at IBM in Tucson, AZ. We had a killer relocation package — we didn’t need to pack a thing!! Since we had such a steller moving company doing all the heavy work for us, my FIL offered us their black player piano. Player pianos are notoriously heavy — I’ve heard that they can be heavier than a baby-grand. I was deeply touched. So was the hubs; being #5 of 6 kids, this was the first family heirloom he had received. Although neither one of us are very good at playing piano, it does get used quite a bit, thanks to our recent resurgence into the music scene. We hope to enroll my oldest in piano lessons soon!

Epiphanie Bag
This past Christmas, I was fighting mono again. I was miserable. I woke up Christmas morning, and just wanted to see my kids & the hubs open their gifts… and go back to bed. I really didn’t give two shits about much else. If you’ve ever had mono, you’ll understand. Just as I thought we had opened all of the gifts, and I was about to go back to bed… the hubs handed me a gift-bag with the words “epiphan!e” on it and I immediately started ugly-crying. I opened the bag to find a gorgeous leather Epiphanie Red Clover camera bag / laptop bag. The significance of this melted my heart. I did not have a bag for my [hand-me-down] MacBook, and didn’t see the point since my blog was essentially a hobby and not really raking in the dough. Sure, I was starting to get a few free-lance gigs, but we wouldn’t be retiring anytime soon on my income. My main job was still Momma, first & formost. But the support the hubs has given me since I began my humble little blog has been a gift in itself. My Epiphanie bag was tangible evidence of it. 

My kids.

I warned ya. Sap-overload alert! It almost seems cliche *cue-dorky-old-mom-voice* my kids were the best gift I’ve ever received. If you’re a parent… you know this is true. I didn’t feel that way at first… and I deeply regret not savoring those early days. I got a 2nd chance to with my 2nd born, and let me tell you, I’ve been embracing every moment with both of my daughters ever since.

As often as I might need a beer… sometimes, hearing “Momma, you’re in my heart.” or even a simple attackle-hug from my kids will fit the bill. Ok ok, so sometimes, I still need that beer… but I’ll always make sure my children know that they are, and always will be loved by their Momma. I am so grateful for the inspiration they provide me with daily.

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