5 Guilty Pleasures

On Wednesday mornings, I take my 4yo to dance class, then with less than an hour in between dance & school, we get to have lunch together, wherever Sedona wants, just the two of us. This past Wednesday, Sedona chose McDonald’s. We don’t go to McDonald’s very often, there are so many yummy local places to hit up in Grand Rapids, that it’s not hard to avoid. But while I devoured my cheeseburger with extra pickles and chatted with my 4yo, I realized that even though I don’t eat red meat often, I could never resist a McDonald’s cheeseburger (although, if the Sausage McMuffin was offered 24hrs a day, I’d be 100lbs heavier) 

By the third bite of my deliciously salt-and-grease-laden-cheeseburger, I had thought of 4 other Guilty-Pleasures and this post was born. Funny how that happens sometimes, yes?
  1. McDonald’s Cheeseburgers. Growing up, my folks didn’t take us to many restaurants. And I don’t mean fancy-restaurants. I mean, generally speaking. I never ate Taco Bell (of all things) until high school. But, for some reason, going to McDonald’s with my family actually does provide me with some happy memories. My mother would rarely embarrass me there, and of course, the playground was awesome. Dangerous as hell, but it was an escape I enjoyed. So when I bite into that greasy mess, I’m sure it’s 75% nostalgia… and 25% rationalization that goes as follows: It’s 300 calories. Better than the nearly 400 calorie salads… probably… maybe not… fuck it. 
  2. Dancing With The Stars.
    I don’t get into many reality shows. Jersey Shore? Housewives of… whatever? Never watched anything more than clips when they are on talk-shows… enough to know that it’s probably not my thang. But celebrities attempting to dance? YES PLEASE! I know it’s cheesy as hell, but I find it fascinating. I’ve fumbled through dances for musicals enough to know just how much work it is… and yet, I still find myself thinking “I could do that.” Or… “Holy shit! I could never do that!” Another thing I love about this show? Most of it is pretty family-friendly. The other night, as we were getting ready to tuck our kids into bed for the night, I found myself fully engaged in Dancing with the Stars with my nearly 8 year-old. Natalie says she enjoys predicting the scores… but I know she loves to watch the dancers too. So do I. 
  3. E!
    Oh pop-culture… How I love thee. Yeah yeah, I know these celebrities aren’t really my friends, and very likely never will be. But between E! News, coverage of the Award Shows, Fashion Police with a trifecta of my favorite outspoken ladies: Joan Rivers, Kelly Osborne & Guliana Rancic. And let’s not forget Chelsea Lately FTW! I love uncovering tv & movie spoilers & fawning over celebs like Johnny Depp, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Adele, Jennifer Garner, etc on E! News… and laughing with/at everything else. It’s definitely a guilty-pleasure, but E! News and my folding & putting away laundry always seems to go so well together, that I feel it cancels out the guilt. 
  4. iPhone games.
    Over the summer, my kids commandeered my iPhone more times than I’d like to admit to. Now that the kids are back in school… and I have 3 days/week to sit in the car-line waiting to pick them up, my addiction to iPhone games has reemerged. And… ok… it has leaked into other times of my life. Some days, I’m obsessed with Angry Birds, lately, SongPop… I’ve given Words With Friends a bit of a break, but I’m starting up a few games of that as well. Then, let’s not forget about Draw Something & Bejeweled Blitz (scored over 800K last week, thankyouverymuch). It’s just so easy to pick up and play. I try to focus on my kids, but when they are watching Jake & The Neverland Pirates for the 400th time… I could either clean, or give my brain a break. 
  5. Days of our Lives.
    This show has been on my DVR since I had DVR. When I was in high school, I had a VCR tape that was specifically marked DAYS and figured out how to create a daily recording (when my dad realized that, he put me in charge of programing it). I love Days. I hate Days. There are times when I’ll go weeks without watching, then, out of the blue, I’ll start casually watching again until I get bored. When I was 11 years old, my Grandmother took care of us over summer, and she was really into the plot at the time. And it was a CLASSIC plot. If anyone ever watched Days — Jennifer was about to get marry Emilio, and Jack busted into the church in a fireman’s uniform and whisked Jen away. That’s the first episode I remember! Later that summer, Jack & Jen were stranded on an island with Isabella, Julie, Bo, Hope, Victor, etc… until Hope got blown to pieces… or so we thought. A few months later, Sami caught her Mom and John having sex, and later kidnapped her sister Belle, who was a product of the affair. Oh yeah, it’s about cheese-ball as they come, but I was an adolescent girl… and those story-lines officially hooked me at an early age. Today, soaps are a dying breed. And… the recycled story-lines can be a little much to take. But give me a good Sami-fight… with anyone — her sister Carrie, Nicole, EJ… and I’m sooooo in. It’s a sickness, I know. Could even be worse than the reality shows. Nah
Notice how beer didn’t make the list? That’s because I never feel guilty about drinking a good beer! Cheers & Happy Friday, friends! 
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