5 Reasons I Don’t Mop My Floors More Often

Oh yes, you read that right. I don’t mop my floors as often as I should. I will not disclose the last time I mopped my floors… but, that’s mainly because I don’t remember. I’m really disgusting, aren’t I?

Yesterday, I slaved over my floors… and during the course of swearing & scrubbing, I essentially composed this post in my sweaty head.

Here are 5 reasons why I don’t mop my floors more often.

  1. Mopping floors is time consuming.
    From start to finish — sweeping, moving everything out of the way, shaking out the rugs, the actual mopping, while being a MOM — breaking up fights, finding things for the kids to do, etc. took 2 hours. Yes, 2 hours. Maybe if I did it more often, it wouldn’t take as long. But… I doubt it. 
  2. Mops suck.
    I started with a mop I just purchased for the last time I mopped the floors… essentially new, right? Well, when I went to ring it out, the damn thing broke. Which led to more swearing and then I needed rags to do the rest. Probably got my floors even cleaner on my hands & knees, and I was able to get the baseboards… but still. 
  3. Scrubbing down floors is painful. I was scrubbing the floors on my hands & knees, moved a heavy oak dining room set, etc over the course of 2 hours… I am so damn sore today. 
  4. I’d rather be doing anything else. I would much rather play with my kids than yell at them (and the cat… why do they always find that one hour they move/day to paw all over my wet floor?) to stay off the floors. 
  5. Why mop when you can spot-clean?
    This is what I usually do: sweep & spot-clean with a clorox wipe usually before we have guests over, of course. It only takes a few minutes, and it dries fast. 
And just because I really do need 5 reasons TO mop my floors… I’m expressing the flip side of this coin.

  1. It’s a killer workout. Yes, I’m sore today. But that’s just because I used every muscle in my body scrubbing my floors!
  2. Keeps the bugs away.
    We have a pretty disgusting cricket issue right now. That was one of the big reasons I knew it was time to scrub my floors. It better keep the damn bugs out of my kitchen. 
  3. It’s cheap. I use white vinegar diluted in hot water. It stinks like vinegar for a little while, but it goes away fast, and I don’t need to rinse away a soapy residue. My floors shine afterward. 
  4. Excuse to blare some rockin’ music.
    I don’t really need an excuse, but my kids usually play upstairs, so I could listen to some motivationally loud Queens of the Stone Age & Jane’s Addiction guilt-free!
  5. Sense of accomplishment.
    Even waking up this morning, as I set my toes on my clean floors, I felt so much pride knowing I got down on my hands & knees to get my floors looking so damn good. The hubs doesn’t seem to give a shit. But I do, dammit. 
How often do you mop your floors? Come on, admit it, I just did. 
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