5 Reasons You Should Drink Beer Today

Not that you need 5 reasons — and I could certainly come up with more than 5 — but it is National Drink Beer Day! Time to raise a pint glass, tulip, growler, keg… CHEERS!

  1. Hops Have Been Proven to Lower Anxiety. Yes, it’s true! Stressed out? Try a nice, hoppy IPA today, and see for yourself. Sometimes, ya gotta put a little alcohol on it. Momma Needs a Beer, indeed.

  2. Drinking Beer Improves Brain Function in Women. 
    Oh yes, this is also no joke. Way back in 2006, a study by the American Heart Association proved that moderate beer consumption is associated with better cognitive function in women. There’s also a 2003 study from the American Medical Association that proved adults over the age of 65 who consume 1-6 beers each week have a lower risk of dementia than non-drinkers. Beer = Brain power FTW! Ok ok, so both of these studies enforce moderate drinking. If you drink too much, it’s not so good for you… but what fun is that? 

  3. Support Your Local Economy. Drink Local! 
    Have you taken a look around the city you live in? The craft-brewing industry is booming! Find a local brewery, drag your kicking & screaming kids (mine love to try breweries’ root-beer) and get some dinner and enjoy a yummy locally brewed beer! Keep your money within your community… improve your mood, and your local economy! There are no losers here, folks.

  4. Party longer & happier with a beer!
    Wine & cocktails are nice and all, but how many can you truly drink before you’re fighting off spins, vomit & the hangover from hell? Of course, if you’re partying all night, you may want to pass up dancing with devils or dragons; drinking more than one Dragons Milk or Devil Dancer may turn on you. Trust me. However, at least from my experience, you can maintain a healthy buzz and carry a good conversation over a few beers much longer than a bottle or two of wine, or a handful of cocktails.

  5. It’s Friday… 
    Maybe your kids are preventing you from going out to the bar like you used to do once-upon-a-time. What’s stopping you from picking up your favorite brew from the local liquor store? You’ve had a long week. You deserve a big pint of liquid happiness. Whether it’s a stout, porter, IPA, or even a Canadian lager… you know what you enjoy. Treat yo’self! 
There are definitely more excuses reasons to drink beer, of course… share your favorite in the comments below! CHEERS!

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