$6,460 Down the Diaper-Pail

What is that number, you ask?

6 1/2 years of diapers.

That’s right… 6 1/2 years of 2 children in diapers, including one year of overlap with a child who wasn’t fully potty-trained until she was 4 1/2. Yes, it was as fun as it sounds, and you better believe I wrote about it last year

This time around, we tried a new potty-training method. Sedona is very different from her sister in a multitude of ways, and we felt we may have done something wrong the first time around, so we let Sedona lead. I know, it may sound completely insane, especially when you hear these wild stories about infants being potty trained, or the magical one-day potty-training boot camp. I didn’t let the new potty training trends influence or scare me. Remember, once I gave birth to Sedona, my perspective on books and other media changed. I trusted my instincts more & started taking advice with a grain of salt. Or… in this case, a grain of fiber.

Since we were letting Sedona sort of lead the way and not pushing her to go on the potty or give up her diapers, there were upsides & downsides to this potty training method.

Upside: no tantrums, no tears… and Sedona remained happy too. After everything we experienced potty training Natalie, this was a HUGE bonus. This was going to be Sedona’s responsibility though, and we didn’t want to make too big of a deal out of it, because going on the potty really isn’t a big deal, everyone does it. We did praise her when she went though, I mean, we’re not monsters.

Downside: My patience wore thin. Remember that grain of fiber I mentioned? Well, even though she started to show interest in the potty a year ago, she also started holding in her poop around the same time. OH yes. Good times. We started giving her fiber gummies, but they weren’t quite cutting it. What really did the trick was from the advice of my sister-in-law, who has a son 3 months older than Sedona, she suggested using a benefiber-type powder in her drinks to get her moving. It not only worked like a charm, but once she realized how much easier & cleaner it was to poop on the potty instead of in her diaper, things clicked into place fairly fast, like within weeks fast.

We were able to graduate to Pull-Ups to help encourage independence, but for some reason, even though she was remaining dry, big-kid underwear scared her a bit. You saw that number up above… I was SO ready to just be DONE with every variation of diaper! But… again, I didn’t let my impatient attitude out. Then, mid-summer, something sort of magical happened. She had an accident away from home. Yup. Pooped in her Pull-Up after remaining dry for weeks. The accident didn’t occur in a store like Target either. It was in an awesome local children’s store I love to make purchases at when there is a sale or I have a coupon. I love it, but I can’t afford full-price anything there! But… there we were, purchasing clearanced-out sandals for Natalie since she had worn straight through her old pair, mid-July. As Natalie tried on a few pairs, we smelled something… and knew we had a code-brown on our hands. So we checked out, and hoped we had another Pull-Up, diaper, spare pair of undies, ANYTHING somewhere in my truck, especially since Sedona was wearing a sundress and nothing else. We didn’t. The girls had just survived a weekend with my mother, and whatever I had in the diaper activity bag must’ve been used by Gram. So there we were, standing in the middle of a parking lot, changing our 3yo under the hatch of my Santa Fe — grateful we at least had wipes. I ran back into the store, where the owner was all alone and I yelled out “Do you guys carry underwear for little girls? We have a code brown out there.” She burst out laughing and directed me toward their small selection, but handed me a 3-pack and told me they were her 4 year old’s favorite — and the only undies that came in a 3-pack. Everything else was sold in 2-packs, and were $2 more. I was spending $18 on a pack of underwear, and thought — she’s never going to wear these again. They don’t have any characters on them. They are just pink. I don’t think I’ve spent this much on underwear for myself… ugh. I didn’t have a choice. I paid, ran out of the store, threw them on Sedona and she loved them instantly! They are really thick & soft and look super comfy — much better quality than the 7 pair of character undies for $8 I get from Target. Not only did she love them at that necessary moment in time, but Sedona has requested to wear them just about every single day since then… and is even wearing undies during her nap now! I’d say it’s one of the best $18 I’ve ever spent.

We are still working on getting her out of Pull-Ups for bedtime, but have told her that when her current stash of Pull-Ups runs out, she has to wear undies at night too. Mainly because Momma is too cheap & stubborn to purchase any more. She has not had an accident during sleeping hours in months now, so I’m not worried.

Sedona has grown leaps & bounds this summer… which is very bittersweet. Watching this girl grow up over the last 3 1/2 years has been quite the joyride. She still has her difficult moments, where I silently wish I could still pop her on my breast to calm her down… even though that wasn’t a constant necessity when I did nurse her because she was such an easy baby. But the way our life is right now, I’m embracing my daughter’s newfound independence, because I don’t miss the baby-years. And I really don’t think I will ever purchase another disposable diaper for as long as I live. I’m pretty sure the hubs & I are done having babies at this point, but if that 5% chance grows over the next few years, I will definitely be investing in cloth. That number up there in the title is scary, but the number of diapers we’ve tossed scares me more.

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