Accept it: Christmas Time Is Here…

I recently noticed a trending topic on Facebook last week: Christmas. 30 of my friends posted about Christmas, but only 2 — yes TWO of the Christmas status-updates & pictures were positive. Most of my friends were bitching about how we aren’t supposed to even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. 
Really?!? REALLY?! 

Think about it: when did we start decorating and planning for Halloween? October 1st? Um, no. Most of us started our costume planning around Labor Day — or even before. Many of us put up our leaf & pumpkin-themed decorations as soon as we flipped the calendar to the September page, and many of us will keep our fall-themed decor up until Thanksgiving. Why is it ok to start decorating & celebrating Halloween, a holiday I enjoy, but one that basically celebrates greed in all it’s glory, immediately after Labor day, essentially 2 months time (3 if you include the entire month of November), but Christmas just gets December?! 

Christmas: the season for giving & celebrating all things good & holy. Yes, holy! I feel more spiritual and full of love from here on out. Can’t you tell?! Ha! It’s
 not a slap in the face of Thanksgiving — but it’s CHRISTMAS! And to hear people bitching & whining about “No Christmas music until after Thanksgiving!” or “I can’t believe I’m seeing Christmas decorations in the store already, Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet.” Why?! Who wrote the rules on this one? What is this “supposed to” even mean? 

I’m supposed to cram all the holiday parties, shopping, crafts, cooking, etc into 30 days — and somehow balance my family’s regular routines & obligations with a smile on my face through it all? Fuck that! 

My Christmas decorating will begin this week! Our Christmas decorations are just too pretty to be boxed up for 11 months, so we keep them up for at least 2 months, and I love it. I’ve already started stashing away Christmas gifts for my daughters. I’ve had our Christmas cards in my possession for weeks. 

This is how I survive. I remain balanced. Happy. More in tune with the holidays. Ready to embrace the spirit of the season instead of stressing out about how the hell I’m going to get it all done. Sure, I’ll still have moments of that. But spreading out the obligations & fun just makes sense.

Look, I LOVE fall with all my heart. In fact, I find September – December to be my favorite time of the year. But once the leaves & temps start crashing, I embrace the Christmas season with my arms wide open. I know my father-in-law especially made a huge deal about playing the Christmas music for the first time once we finished Thanksgiving dinner. 
Yes, traditions are nice, but I believe Thanksgiving & Christmas are related… and we can celebrate both in harmony. Christmastime is just too beautiful a season to only celebrate for 30 days. Geesh, even Catholics give LENT 40 days. Let’s give Christmas a little more time. Please? 

When, why & how do you start celebrating & decorating for Christmas? 

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