All Aboard the Potty Train

Confession time: my 5 year old wasn’t fully potty-trained until she was 4 ½ years old. 

That’s right. This time last year she was STILL refusing to sit on the potty. Seems like a lifetime ago. My oldest would wear panties, but hold it ALL day until bedtime, when she would insist on a diaper and then let loose. I don’t know how she holds it for so long. She didn’t inherit my bladder, that’s for sure! She did have some issues with a severe kidney infection when she was 2 ½ that could’ve associated some fear with going on the potty, but, I think she’s simply stubborn. After we exhausted every technique we could dig up, along with many, MANY bribes over the 2 long years of training, the one that finally clicked was telling her that if she went on the potty before 1p, she wouldn’t have to take a nap that day. When that finally happened, it stuck, and she never wore a diaper again. She still holds it too long and waits until the very last second to go, which is beyond frustrating. This week, she seems to have regressed a little, and had one big accident on her way to the bathroom Monday, and then every day since, she’s barely made it.
Yesterday, while at the park, my oldest screamed “I HAVE TO GO POTTY!! NOW!” Good thing we were at a park without a bathroom! I acted as quickly as any mom would, and since we were by a tree, I whipped her pants down and screamed “SQUAT!!” I was surprised that she actually squatted! But, once that wind hit her bare butt, the urge went away, supposedly. Let’s just say it wasn’t too hard to convince her to go home after that.

I’m wondering if my oldest’s regression is because my youngest is starting to show interest in the potty. With all the issues we had training my oldest, believe me, I’m in NO hurry to deal with potty training again. But, here she is, just turned 2 last month, and sitting on the potty every day for a week now. Over the weekend, she did actually go pee Saturday and poop on Sunday! That was without any effort on our part. I just feel that we may have pushed the issue too hard with our oldest, so we are trying to learn from that experience and attempting child-led training this time. If we see her pushing, for example, we will ask her once if she wants to sit on the potty, but that’s it. Mostly, she’s been asking to sit on her own, and when she does, we encourage her.

Just about everything has come fairly easy with my youngest, at least compared to all the challenges we had with my oldest. But, I’m not holding my breath for the potty training to happen overnight. I’m doing my best to be patient and to let things unfold as they will. I just hope I’m not in for another 2 ½ years of diapers, because I will have to knock back a hell of a lot of beer to survive that! 

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