All Night Happy Hour

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This past weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to take my friends (in this case, friends+family) out on the town! My cousin came into Grand Rapids to celebrate her birthday, my awesome neighbor took the kids for the night! I do believe there were skidmarks in the driveway as the hubs and I drove away to meet my cousins at the downtown hotel we’d be crashing at later. We slapped ourselves with a pretty-stick, got our swanky on (with comfy, yet adorable boots of course) and walked over the river & through the snowy night to our first destination: Reserve. A wine bar, perfect to get the festivities started. 
My cousin Toni & I typically spend time together at our family cottage on Lake Michigan. There, we share lots of laughs & really good food with an awesome group of people we are blessed to call family. We are lucky; our side of the family is not only fun to be around, but full of great chefs… I do believe my ability to cook comes from the genes on the Tobey side of my family — with a dash of inspiration from Paula Deen & Alton Brown of course. During our family gatherings at the cottage, we enjoy potluck-type meals full of various, drool-inducing dishes. So on our night out, we celebrated in a similar way, sampling a few different wines, brandy, bourbon, beer, as well as some incredible food — and we shared everything! From the prosciutto, pork belly & stilton (oh my!) at Reserve to the crack-fries at Stella’s & HopCat (they were so good, we needed them “loaded” at the HopCat).  
The best part? The entire night was covered by my Serve card from American Express!!! We even met up with friends later in the evening who easily opened Serve accounts as well, and they were able to join in on the nosh-fest at the HopCat (trust me, we got much more than loaded crack-fries at the end of the night). It felt so good to treat my friends for a change instead of dealing with the awkwardness of figuring out who owed who at the end of the night. We’ve all been there, and let’s face it, by the end of an all-night happy-hour, no one knows what’s going on… especially when you’re stumbling walking everywhere!
I did have a few concerns about the ease of use. Wrapping my brain around the process was a little tough for me — I’m much better at learning through experience, not always by reading directions. I also worried if my AMEX Serve card would be accepted everywhere we went. It wasn’t an issue. My Serve card was never even questioned. We split the bill, and I was able to transfer the money each of my friends/family spent from my smartphone, within seconds. My nose wasn’t in my iPhone for a year figuring it out! My hair remained on my head! All I needed to do was punch in each of my friends’ email addresses (that they used to set up their Serve account) and the money was transfered into their Serve accounts immediately. Serve was so safe, secure & user-friendly, I have a feeling I will never look back. No more checks, awkward IOUs between friends and family — just ease. I highly recommend you open a Serve account and enjoy simple features like split-the-bill, send money, pizza-party and quick-pay — which you could use to pay your babysitter! 

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