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Recently, I had the opportunity to share something I love with my neighbor & friend. She had never taken a yoga class before, and I was looking for an excuse to get back into the studio myself. I had been practicing at home to save money, but I really missed the community aspect of practicing in a studio, as well as being guided by a teacher, not just my heart. My neighbor is also a mom of a 6 yr old & has been going through a stressful & draining time in her life, so I shared with her how beneficial yoga can be for the mind, body & spirit. Although she didn’t jump immediately into it, I knew if she just gave it a try, it could help her through some potentially difficult moments, if she allowed herself be absorbed by it.

For my neighbor’s birthday in December, I registered both of us for a Level 1 Anusara Yoga class that started just after the first of the year. I knew my Christian friend was skeptical and nervous, and probably wondered what she really signed up for when we kicked off the class with 3 rounds of Oms… but she never once complained about the oms or the chanting of the opening invocation, she always trudged along. As the weeks progressed, and the practice intensified, my neighbor would randomly get into a difficult pose and whisper-scream Kelli! Help! or HOW in the WORLD are you doing that? and we would both chuckle as we breathed through it, even if we were both about to fall over! We left class each Saturday morning feeling strong, centered & refreshed… a feeling that would last several days for me. I am a more spiritual than religious person (just don’t see how things can be strictly black or white like many religions do) and although I was raised in a Catholic church, and still attend Catholic church, I consistently get more spiritually, mentally & physically out of a yoga class than I do in church. Of course, when I go to church, I usually have my 3 & 6 year olds with me, so that’s draining in itself. Almost impossible to focus for the entire Mass with 2 restless kiddos. At least in a yoga class, I can escape, focus on my own space, my own practice, and just breathe. Sometimes it really is that simple to hit your reset button and feel like a new, empowered woman. I wanted to share that with my friend, and I’m so happy I had an opportunity to do so. We are both stronger because of those 8 weeks of yoga together.

I know it’s not always easy to try something new. The fear of failure tends to scare many of us out of breaking from our routine. Instead of seeing unknown territory as a frightening experience, we need to focus on embracing the possibility that we really can do anything we set our mind to. Change can be very exciting and beneficial to us in so many ways! It does help when you have a friend who’s been there before to support you. Have you inspired someone to try something new?

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