Beer City Thank You Tour!

What are you up to this week? How about rubbing elbows with some of Grand Rapids’ finest collaborators… of BEER!


Beer City Tap the Vote Tour 2013. Photo Courtesy of Steph Harding Photo.

For the last two years, Grand Rapids brewers and craft beer lovers helped turn Grand Rapids into quite the beercation destination.

The now defunct online Beer City, USA vote was organized by Charlie Papazian, founder of the American Homebrewers Association and the Great American Beer Festival. Grand Rapids shared the title of Beer City, USA in 2012 with Asheville, NC but won the title outright in 2013 with a landslide win receiving over 27,000 of the 50,000 votes cast! Papazian retired the Beer City, USA vote earlier this year — due to the vote “Serving it’s purpose… It wasn’t just about the beer, but about the community spirit behind the craft brewing movement.” 

This lucky chic has been crunching popcorn in a front-row seat watching these wins unfold, and lending a hand when I can; witnessing endless collaborations and virtually no competition inspires me. Grand Rapids may be overflowing with Breweries and Brew-pubs, but I just love how this community supports and celebrates others’ achievements

After the massive success of last year’s Tap The Vote Pub Crawl, a Beer City celebration seems like a given; not just within the breweries, but in the neighborhood brewpubs — sing it with me — where everybody knows your name.

To celebrate the final Beer City win and thank those who voted for Grand Rapids, my fellow craft beer enthusiast and friend Kelli Cain, founder of MIbeers, and I have partnered with Grand Rapids brewers to organize a Beer City Thank You Tour.  Two Kellis are better than one, right?! Grand Rapids brewers, local celebrities and Beer City team members will tour several of Grand Rapids’ favorite craft beer brewpubs to personally thank voters while handing out fun brewery give-aways. We’re talking gift-cards, shirts, pint glasses, hats, etc! 

All you need to do? Simply show up at one of the following establishments… and savor a Michigan Craft Beer with us.

The three-day tour runs May 6th, 7th and 8th from 5pm – 9pm. Along with many Grand Rapids brewers, local personalities joining the tour include Mayor Heartwell, WOTV’s Jordan Carson, Food Network Ice Brigade’s Randy Finch, D&W Chef Amy Sherman, Mlive’s John Gonzales, The Grillin’ Guys’ BBQ Bob, and more. 

The Beer City Thank You Tour will include stops at the following locations:

Follow the BeerCity Thank You Tour via social media with the hashtag #BeerCityGR. Beer City USA Icon color

Find more information online at

Hope to clink pint glasses with you this week!


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