Beer. Music. Boom: Happiness.

How’s your summer going? Mine has been one part “I love this weather! Let’s drink this awesome beer outside!” 2 parts “we have to practice” and eleventy parts… CRAZY.

Between failed attempts of keeping the kids from uttering the words I’M BORED, the to-dos, road-trips, weddings… and, hey, let’s toss in a random surgery & funeral while we’re at it… Crazy defines the first half of my summer.

Therefore, I am determined to make the 2nd half of the summer… ROCK.

And guess what? You’re invited.

Yes… YOU!!

The hubs & my band, Acoustically Stout have 2 gigs coming up at Our Brewing Co in Holland, Michigan: July 19th & August 3rd.

What do we play? Whatever the hell we feel like!! We have a binder full of goodies for every taste. Really. One would think that as a writer, we’d be all original… but who the hell has time for that?! I can barely keep up with writing on my blog… and so far, I suck at song-writing.

So… we’re a cover-band… or… eh… duo. Occasionally we’ll add a random instrumentalist, and there are also times when the hubs & I are singing, playing a guitar or bass AND a tambourine. It’s not easy, and we’re pretty exhausted. But… music is at the root of our relationship, and we feel so lucky to be able to play together. And to be able to play at one of our favorite breweries is the icing on the cake. Or… the extra hops in the beer? YES, that’s IT!

I hope you’ll join in on the fun in the coming weeks.

Here are the details…

Who? Acoustically Stout… a little band fronted by this chic whose words you are choosing to read right now. 

When? Friday, July 19th 9-11pm AND Saturday, August 3rd 9-11pm

Where? Our Brewing Company, Downtown Holland, Michigan

What? Awesome Beer. Fun Music. Good People. 

Why? Awesome beer, fun music and good people… what more do you need, really? Kel n Barney Drinking MNAB

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