Beer + Trees + Parks For The Win!

It’s no secret that I adore beer, but you know what else I love? Trees. BrewersGroveProject

Yup, my secret’s out… I love trees. I’ve even hugged a few! I know, I live on the EDGE. 

So you can imagine my excitement to be invited to lend a hand in The Brewers Grove Project, right here in Beer City! 

The Brewers Grove Project began last year, when each Grand Rapids area brewery collaborated to create their own unique spin on a tree-inspired beer. At first, I thought… wait, what? Tree-inspired? But when I think about all the oak-aged, maple-infused, cedar-smoked, fruit-tree deliciousness that trees play a role in beer I already love… this is a brilliant concept. 

But wait, it gets better

Grand Rapids area breweries are teaming up with Friends of Grand Rapids Parks to raise money for their Urban Forest Project, an initiative to maximize the tree canopy in all parts of the city. 

Yes!! These tree-beers will serve a purpose… $1 of each pint sold will go toward the Brewers Grove Fund! 

Starting on Friday, August 29th, pop into any Grand Rapids area brewery as well as local brewpubs The Meanwhile Bar, Green Well, and Big Bob’s Pizza to order a tree inspired beer. The money collected from each tree-inspired beer will support tree plantings and expand The Brewers Grove concept started at Riverside Park last fall, where brewers planted 30 (!!) trees with the money raised. 

A kickoff party is planned at Harmony Brewing Company at 5pm on August 29th, where city commissioners, brewers, media, and YOU can learn more about The Brewers Grove Project and Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, while sampling tree inspired beers from around Beer City, including selections from White Flame, Pike 51, Cellar Breweries and Harmony’s own tree-themed Sumac Hefeweizen. 

Finally, at the end of this drool-inducing tree-beer trail, there will be a party of EPIC proportions!! 

A Tree Beer Party at The Brewers Grove space on the north side of Riverside Park is planned on Friday, September 12th, beginning at 7pm. Bring your own wine, cider or beer to enjoy, along with blankets and chairs to watch an outdoor screening of the cult-classic movie “Strange Brew” at 8:30pm. This movie was shot in 3B – three beers – and it looks good, eh? 

This is where you can bring your favorite growler of tree-beer, chat with brewers and fellow craft beer-lovers, and sign up to take part in the The Brewers Grove tree planting in October.

Looking for the latest information? How about a Tree Beer Map? Check out

Also, if you’re sick of, ya know, reading, this fantastic video promoting The Brewers Grove Project rocks! 

And finally… here’s what you’re really looking for — *drumroll* — the tree-beers!!

Hope to clink pints and toast to trees with you over the next few weeks! 

B.O.B.’s Brewery
Tangerine Trees, Fruited Wit

Brewery Vivant 
Devastation, Oak Aged Double IPA

Cellar Brewing Company 
Apple Ridge IPA, Fruited IPA

Crankers Brewery
Kangaroo Rodeo, Barrel Aged Brown Ale

EB Coffee & Pub 
Oaked Melon Saison, Red Oak Saison

Elk Brewing 
Sassafras Brown, Sassafras Brown

Founders Brewing Company 
Lil’ Saplin’, Young Barrel Aged Scotch Ale with Additional Oak

Grand Rapids Brewing Company 
Bonita Applebrown, Smoked Brown Porter with Apple

Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery & Supply 
Cedarino, Cedar Planked Pale Ale

Harmony Brewing Company 
Sumac Attack, Sumac Hefeweizen

The Hideout Brewing Company 
Sticky TreeHugger, Maple Oak Pilsner

Naughty Nicodemus, Cucumber Juniper Lime Gruit

Jaden James Brewery 
Smoke on the Water, Smoked Marzen

The Mitten Brewing Co. 
Oak Aged Pine Tar DIPA, DIPA (week 1)
Cherry Oaked Wee Heavy, Wee Heavy (week 2)

O’Connor’s Homebrew Supply, 
Smokin’ Red Wood Scotch Ale, Extract Kit

Osgood Brewing
Spruce Almighty, Spruce Tip Black IPA

Perrin Brewing Company 
Hopwood, Oak Aged Double-IPA

Pike 51 Brewing Company
Beer that shall not be named, Maple Almond Belgian Brown Ale

Rockford Brewing Company 
Beechwood Brown, Smoked Oatmeal Brown

Schmohz Brewery 
Barrel Aged Kiss My Scottish Arse, Smoked Scottish Ale

White Flame Brewing Company
Nut Job, Black Walnut Ale

The Peoples Cider Company
Cherry Tree Cyser, Cherry Cyser



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