Behind the Scenes…

I tend to cringe when people apologize for not blogging daily. 

I understand blogger guilt, believe me. 
And maybe that’s one of the reasons I felt the need to write something today. 
I haven’t been writing as often as I’d like, but I have been working my beer-loving butt off behind the scenes. 
Making connections, making music, making out with the hubs… 
I suppose composing my #LifeList helped me realize that I have to put in some legwork to make things happen. 
These accomplishments aren’t necessarily accomplishments if they simply fall into your lap. 
And no, I do not feel pressure to cross something off my #LifeList instantly, or even this year, but some of the things I placed on my #LifeList I have wanted to do for awhile, and now I feel inspired to follow through. 
So I’m working on making some things happen. 
I find myself frustrated at a lot of the dead-ends I’m hitting; I’m beginning to feel like a bulk of what I’ve done as far as networking and behind the scenes work on my brand is a little like parenthood… the role of parenthood, not the tv show Parenthood, although, how awesome is the tv show?! 
Most of what you do as a parent goes unnoticed and/or unappreciated. I mean, take laundry, just for one of many examples I could throw out there. How many loads of laundry have we completed on our own? Does anyone in your family actually give two shits the laundry you do… until they run out of underwear… and blame you?!? Maybe you’re one of those lucky parents who earns a pint of beer and a cupcake from your family for every load of laundry you do for them, but not me! 
If I want help from my family, I’ve gotta beg borrow bribe ask for it. 
Thing is… I don’t clean their undies for beer or cake. Sure, beer & cake are always welcome, but I do it because I love them, and I know there’s much more to life than laundry. Which is also why they run out of undies sometimes… life happens. 
One thing I’ve learned over the last couple weeks? Even though “behind the scenes” work can be frustratingly time-consuming, just getting that one positive response for an opportunity you want to immediately squeal to all the friends who rooted you on… makes it all worth it. 
Maybe my family doesn’t appreciate the endless loads of laundry I do for them, but when they do express their excitement, support, love or appreciation for something… big or small… it means the world to me. And I embrace & savor those moments as much as possible. 
Next month is the MI Winter Beer Fest, and I am looking to connect with a few more people & businesses regarding promotions, guest posts, tv & film appearances. If you are interested in working with me before, during or after the MI Winter Beer Fest, please send an email to momma needs a beer {at} gmail {dot} com by February 15th. 
Interested in advertising for my MWBF guide & follow-up post? 
Please contact me by February 1st! 

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