Breathe in the Air

I have terrible eyesight. I have been wearing some form of vision correction since I was 6 years old, but my nose is part bloodhound. I don’t know if my sense of smell is so strong to compensate for my near legal-blindness, and trust me, having a strong sniffer isn’t always a positive thing. The smell of parmesan cheese during my 2nd pregnancy drove me to the bathroom on plenty of occasions… but my sense of smell could almost be a superpower – I have always been able to smell snow hours before the first flake drops. I remember the way certain people smell, like my high school choir teacher’s perfume… when I smell it on someone else. What can I say? I have a powerful schnoz! The positive aspects far outweigh the bad.

So lately, when I have a craptastic day, I’ve been doing what I can to surround myself with comforting smells. I stopped enjoying gorging myself in comfort food when I stopped feeding my emotions. I can’t always leave the house for a beer during the day. Retail therapy can occasionally work… who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?! That is, if your anxiety isn’t about money.

I know aromatherapy seems almost too simple, and I can certainly understand your skepticism — I’m not saying it’ll solve all of Momma’s problems, but breathing in particular comforting aromas really does help calm me down. Whether it’s in the middle of a yoga session or a brief 5 minute meditation, breathing in & out some of my favorite scents can improve my entire mood.

I love the smell of fresh herbs like rosemary & thyme, or even certain food, like onions & garlic cooking… don’t even get me started on the smell of my morning french pressed coffee. Sometimes, it just takes lighting my favorite candle… or simply the smell of the match that lights the flame makes me smile. FIRE RULES! In fact, the smell of wood burning in the middle of a snowfall in winter, or among the wet leaves & grass after a rainstorm will almost always snap me out of a bad mood. Another favorite scent: Baby Magic Calming Lotion. I still insist on using that on both of my daughters after a bath. It relaxes all of us. Although, I’d give it up in a heartbeat for whatever my massage-therapist uses on me for my semi-annual massage. Of course, touch therapy is an entirely different post…

What’s your favorite way to relax or unwind? Aromatherapy work for you? What’s your favorite scent?

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