Breathe in the Landscape

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This week’s assignment: A Pretty Landscape.
The hubs & I not only visited San Diego for BlogHer’11, but he was a speaker at the Agile Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah that started the day after BlogHer ended. 
We were so excited to be able to see mountains again together. 
After living in Tucson, AZ for 3 years, 
we missed seeing breathtaking scenes like this:
and this…  
The first full day we were in Utah, it was my birthday. 
So we rented this:
And went exploring without a real plan… 
ended up in Deer Valley (where the Winter Olympics took place in 2002)
Where we toasted with this:
As much as I love cake & beer on my birthday… 
this was an incredible substitution!
Then kept driving to Sundance, Utah… 
where some dude name Robert Redford owns a big resort
and runs a film festival you may have heard of.
Rode this:
To see this:
On the way back to Salt Lake City, we stopped to swim here: 
Our week of vacation in Cali & Utah was extremely busy & overwhelming at times. 
But my birthday… 
my 34th birthday will be a sacred day I cherish for the rest of my life. 
The hubs & I celebrated by relaxing, and feeling so incredibly free.
Sure, we missed our kids… 
But, take a look at how happy & relaxed these parents of 2 were:
We deserved this.
I hope you find a landscape to soak in this August, 
whether it’s in a new place, 
a favorite place, 
or right in your backyard. 
Breathe it in… feel free.
Because moments like this deserve to be embraced.
Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

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