Over the last week or so, I’ve passionately started writing a few posts of varying nature, full of excitement. 

For some reason or another, I stalled out on all of them. 

You ever feel this way when you’re writing? 

You get this great idea… you start writing… then… BAM! Wall. 

I’m sure I’m over-analyzing the posts… or maybe I’m simply procrastinating. Let’s face it, last week was beautiful here in west Michigan. Kinda hard to find the ambition to do anything indoors when we knew the practically perfect 60 degree weather wouldn’t be sticking around. I do truly believe in embracing the moment, and I not only had fun with my kids outside, but I got a lot done

Hopefully I’ll find a way to break down my walls and complete the posts I really feel deserve to be shared this week. 

Any motivating tools or words of wisdom you could share? 

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