Capturing a Massive Fail

Last night, my iPhone was acting weird. The touch screen wasn’t responding; it wouldn’t load up any app I selected… I didn’t have the patience for it to reboot though — I didn’t realize it was on the verge of a massive fail until I was getting into bed. 

But I should’ve rebooted. 

My alarm clock is on my iPhone… and it went off once, without lighting up like it usually does. I hazily hit the snooze button, and the next thing I know, it’s 30 minutes later… I almost threw my iPhone across the room. 

My iPhone alarm NEVER fails me!!! 

Sadly… today, not only did my iPhone alarm fail me, but my entire iPhone, upon immediate power-down… would.not.reboot.

Well, I suppose it did reboot. It just displayed a scary little iTunes icon with an arrow pointing to a USB cable.

Oh yeah. My day was off to a fucktacular start.

I handed my iPhone to my computer savvy hubs whispering… help. 

And as he plugged it in, he asked me when I last performed a sync.


My iPhone crashed for some reason… and he had to do a complete reset.

My heart immediately sank thinking about the countless pictures I’ve snapped since the last sync.

Then I realized that I had emailed most of the pictures I had taken recently because of the Week In My Life series. If I was in close proximity to Melissa at Adventuroo, I’d probably drive to her house just to make-out with her for a minute to thank her for forcing me to not only snap pictures, but to record it all for a week. Not only did I post most of the pictures I snapped on my iPhone onto my blog, but I also had them saved onto my computer via email!

Of course, if I was smart, I would’ve used my Nikon to snap better quality photos I wouldn’t have had to worry about losing off of my iPhone. If I was even smarter, I would’ve plugged my iPhone in daily to unload the pics and I could’ve avoided this massive fail altogether… but, hey, that all takes time, time I didn’t always have. And ya know what, even though I’ll probably never see some of the photos I’ve snapped over the last couple months, I’ll take what I can get… including the tough lesson to backup my shit.

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