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Staycation FTW!

Travel can prove to be a challenging issue for some families. Whether it’s low-funds, babies, kids, fear of flying things, health issues, or beyond… a staycation can actually help solve a few of those issues. When spring break was creeping up, and we got hit by snow for the bajillionth time in Grand Rapids this […]

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Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover.

Have you ever looked at a title of a book, website, movie, TV show, etc and immediately *think* you know exactly what the person behind the concept is thinking? Come on, you know you have. One of the reasons I chose the title of my blog was because it was something I actually said… a […]

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5 Lessons from the MI Beer Community

Wait, we can learn from the Michigan Beer community? Yes, I’m serious… and sober. Shocking, I know.  Even before Grand Rapids won the Beer City, USA title last year, I have witnessed some pretty incredible lessons from this beer-loving community. Family is Important. It’s rare to go into a brewery with my kids for lunch […]

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