Checking in…

Hello to any readers I have left. Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been fighting mono and it blows. I can’t believe how long this recovery has been taking. 3 1/2 weeks in and I’m still not feeling close to what I’d consider “well”. I am hanging in there. I hope that once I finally start to get through the worst of this that I can get back to writing a minimum of twice a week, and to start a facebook fan page so my pals on FB can be informed when I write a new post so I can get a little more feedback and increase my readership. Thanks for all the well-wishes. I really have appreciated all the kind thoughts from you guys. 

Today, I’m linking you to a post on my friend’s blog. I wrote this before all hell broke loose and Sedona acquired rectal strep, Natalie acquired oral strep, and I was diagnosed with mono. Good times! It’s a long post, but worth the read. I teared up revisiting it today. Yeah, I’m not bias at all. 

Here it is: When I grow up, I want to be a Stay At Home Mom. ENJOY! 

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