Clean-up on Aisle 9!

Recently, my 2 yr old went through a rough patch. She wasn’t sleeping right, she was clingy & cranky, which is so out of character for my typically comedic youngest. I had a feeling she had to have caught a bug of some sort.

A few days ago, the hubs came home from work early after I stressed over my youngest fighting her nap so hard, her head needed clean-up — it was dripping wet from snot & tears. When she finally passed out, slept and woke up happy, we thought that maybe, just maybe she was turning a positive corner, and simply needed to get all that crying out. So we decided to take advantage of her happiness and went for a drive. We ended up making a pit-stop at a local restaurant for dinner, where I noticed Sedona making a few faces like she was going to throw up all over the table.
If you’ve ever been puked on by your kid, you know exactly what face I’m talking about.
The hubs thought Sedona was making silly faces, something she usually does when she’s in a good mood. I tried to stay positive, but my instincts told me to stay on my toes. As we left the restaurant and realized we were out of milk & kid’s vitamins, we headed to Walgreens. Sedona loves opening all of the musical-cards in the Hallmark aisle there… so while the hubs kept her entertained, I took Natalie to pick up the essentials. About 5 min later, the hubs meets up with us, holding a green-faced Sedona who reaches for me as she pukes alllllll over me & aisle 9 at Walgreens. The hubs practically lunged her toward me as she puked, and I just held her over what looked like a freshly polished, clean floor and walked backwards as she puked 3 times. Oh yeah. Good times for one & all. Almost looked like she hurled her weight in vomit. It was an insane amount for a 2 yr old!
See, you really shouldn’t question Momma-instincts.
Since Sedona & I were the only ones covered in puke, I bailed & left the hubs & Natalie to check-out and yelled “Clean-up on aisle 9! Clean-up on aisle 9!” as I carried my sick, vomit-covered kid out of the store and attempted to clean-up the vomit with the wipes we had in my truck… cursing my own stupidity that I hadn’t updated our emergency outfit (size 12-18 months?! Mom Fail #71 and yet, I still haven’t replaced it.)
When the hubs came back to the truck with our oldest, just as I finished cleaning up the stink off of myself, he seemed more stressed than I was. Said Natalie was near-tears the whole time, worrying about stepping/slipping in puke, then as they checked out, she whined about sitting next to her sister on the ride home because “She’s gonna puke on me!” Usually, Natalie turns on the big-sister act when her little sister is in trouble… but when it comes to vomit, I think we all have our limits.
Thankfully, Puke-fest ’10 was a one-night only event… and not an event I’d recommend.

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