Curtain’s Up! Bedtime with a 3 yr-old

Sedona putting on a show at our family cottage

Entertaining us in her exersauser

I have always known that my youngest was going to be an entertainer. And yes, I realize Sedona’s only 3 years old, so the future is still a big fat question mark, but I don’t see a day go by where she’s not entertaining someone in some form… in fact, Sedona’s nickname has been “The Little Comedian” since she was about 6 months old, rocking back & forth in her exersaucer with a knowing smile, making silly faces just to get some laughs from us. We never felt we had to make Sedona laugh, she was always making us laugh, which made her laugh… oh, it’s been a lot of fun raising this crazy girl so far.

Toilet humor.

Over the last several weeks though, our Little Comedian has been giving us a run for our money at bedtime. She’s not throwing massive fits like her older sister did though, Sedona’s just throwing 2-drink minimum shows, cracking jokes, telling silly stories, standing on her head, singing songs, making a slew of crazy faces… whatever it takes. We’ve noticed the curtain tends to go up around 7-7:30p… before this all started, we had a fairly solid routine going on for our girls, getting them to bed by 8:30p. Since we’ve noticed Sedona’s curtain call though… it’s been taking us an extra hour to get both our girls to bed. We’ll start around 7:30 or so, and a full TWO HOURS later we’re finally shutting their respective doors, about ready to crash ourselves.

Being funny on the phone.

I really don’t know how you parents with more than 2 kids do it, because having a 2:2 ratio is tough enough. Occasionally, the hubs & I need to tagteam. It used to be that the oldest was the challenge, dragging her ass, having to do every single part of her routine in a particular order… or else the world would END! But at some point between Natalie getting easier, and feeling like we had a handle on the bedtime routine, Sedona’s throwing a curveball we’re still learning how to deal with. Typical huh? As soon as you find a certain routine to be easy… BAM! Whoever said the only constant is change must have had children. We know we probably shouldn’t laugh, because it only encourages her to continue with whatever her stand-up routine tends to be that night. That’s the thing though, every minute of delirious comedy Sedona delivers is gold to us. And yes, I realize that as her Momma, I’m completely biased, but we have been out & about when her curtain goes up, and Sedona can get stressed-out servers ie strangers at restaurants to crack-up.

catching snowflakes

So what’s a parent to do? We know how fast the time goes by. Childhood is way too short. Sedona is our 2nd, and likely last child. We’re watching Natalie turn into this beautiful young lady before our eyes, and we really want to invest in some child-freeze to keep our kids 3 & 6 for as long as possible… no, seriously, where can I find some?! Natalie has just as much fun laughing with her sister as we do. It’s exhausting though… Sedona loves her bedtime snuggles, but takes forever getting there. At a certain point, her act turns sour, we don’t know how it happens, but it does. Then she turns into this demanding, sleepy, dark-dramatic-comedian. All the world’s a stage, and even though Sedona’s mostly silly… her dramatic side does come into play. Her tummy hurts, she needs a pepto… she’s afraid of the dark… she needs water… she needs to hear a story… There are times she’s crying so hard you think she’s lost a leg, but you walk into her room, and the cried abruptly ends, she’s standing in the middle of her bed all smiles Hi Momma. I need my music-box to be wound up again. Hello?! We’re such suckers.

Getting her sister to laugh

The hubs & I have been getting tougher with our little actress, but having spent some time on the stage ourselves, our pride does tend to win over. We want to nurture our budding performer, so we walk the thin line between tough love, support, and soaking in the entertainment. What else can we do? My main goal in life is to embrace every moment… even if these moments tend to be exhausting, I know we will cherish these precious days for the rest of our lives.

I wanted to post a video of some of Sedona’s antics, but I couldn’t get a video to load thanks blogger… so I hope you enjoy the pictures instead. They seem to tell the story almost as well as a video could.

Sedona’s lemon-face that she can
actually make without the lemon

Can you see this baby-girl’s smile?
She knows she’s hilarious.
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