Day 11: A Song From Your Favorite Band

A Song From My Favorite Band: Do It Again, Queens of the Stone Age

How can you choose one band as your favorite? I have a list of favorite bands. The Beatles, Radiohead, Ben Folds, Jane’s Addiction, Harry Connick Jr, Susan Tedeschi, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I could go on all day. Depending on my mood, what I’m going through in life, my favorite band changes constantly.

When trying to select a song from my favorite band, I thought about a conversation I had with the hubs several months ago. Sure, it was at a bar over a few beers in a buzzed-up, feeling groovy state of mind, but I do remember it, so that tells ya something. I put a couple dollars in the jukebox and when this particular song came on, I raved about Queens of the Stone Age being my favorite band. They simply have all the qualities I love about music. Solid, original rock music, every one of the talented instrumentalists take their turns jamming out wicked guitar riffs & solos, the harmonies and lyrics are racy & hot as hell, and for me, Josh Homme’s voice oozes out so much sexual energy, it’s like he’s making love to my ears. Yeah, that’s right. His voice gives me an eargasm. There, I said it. Just listen to Mr Homme singing the song I selected… the lyrics You and me, fit so tight. All we need is one more time…  gives me chills. Josh Homme sounds incredible singing high & low notes, and not many male vocalists, especially rock vocalists can get away with a range like that. 

When the hubs & I saw Queens of the Stone Age in concert at the Orbit Room, I was half way through my pregnancy with Sedona. I didn’t care. I had lost 20lbs because I was sick the entire pregnancy, but bonus — I actually fit into my black Jane’s Addiction tank top! Gotta take what you can get sometimes. The hubs & I found a seat behind the sound dude, in front of the back-bar, smack dab in the middle of the Orbit Room, and up a level… about the same level as the stage. I will go to my grave believing that Josh Homme sang that entire show to me and only me. It was one of my favorite parts of that pregnancy! And the bonus? The sound dude gave us the set-list!! Excuse it’s dust. It’s 3 1/2 years old and was trapped between a few guitars that haven’t been used in awhile. *sigh*

This chic you’re reading may have a lot of favorite bands, but when it comes down to it, Queens of the Stone Age = sex, drugs and rock & roll. What more do you need in a rock band? 

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