Day 13 – A Song That Is a Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure Song: Talk Dirty To Me, Poison.

Grab your bottle of Aqua-Net and sing along… you know you want to.

I have been in love with Poison since I was a kid. One of those bands that I loved singing along with, and probably the first band I loved singing the harmony parts instead of the melody. Poison is also the first band I loved even more when I knew how much this song in particular annoyed my mother. How dare you listen to such garbage about talking dirty! Who are you talking dirty to, Kelli? Tell me!” Let’s see, I was 10 when this song came out. What the hell did I know about talking dirty? Not a hell of a lot. I was soooo naive, I probably thought Poison was talking about locking themselves in the basement & the old man’s Ford so they could… swear. *gasp* I wasn’t allowed to listen to this song at home. Well, when I would, it would be shut off before Bret Michaels would beg for CC’s guitar solo.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I heard this song in the first place, right? My sisters & I would hang out in our neighbor’s fenced-in yard every day as soon as the snow melted, and when their dad would work in the garage, he’d blare Z-93 on the stereo, Bay City’s ROCK station. Talk Dirty To Me was on ALL of the TIME the spring/summer of ’87! I fell in love with this song back then, learned every word so I could sing along to it and honestly, I know it’s stupid and a little silly, but I never stopped loving it. Definitely falls into my guilty-pleasure category… however, Poison is a fun hair-band (one of the best, in my book!) that gives me a little nostalgia for my childhood. But the biggest advantage to me falling in love with this song as a kid? Poison really swung open the door for my continued love of rock music.

Thanks, Poison.

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