Day 16: A Song You Used to Love but Now Hate

Angel, Sarah McLachlan

Confession time. When Fumbling Toward Ecstasy was released, I developed an unhealthy obsession with Sarah McLachlan. I was a member of Murmurs, her fan club, I purchased the few magazines that had stories about her, sat front row at Lilith Fair, etc. The day Surfacing was released, I ran to the music store to purchase the CD and went nuts over a few of the songs that ended up turning into hits, like Building a Mystery & Angel. I balled my eyes out the first several times I listened to Angel. Then… every. radio. station. overplayed it. My taste for it quickly soured, and honestly, my obsession with Sarah McLachlan disappeared with it, and I stopped listening to crap like this and went back to my rock & roll roots. But then… the song resurfaced a couple years ago in that awful ASPCA commercial with sad, beaten up animals… oh boy. I was done. DONE. I wanted to sing Give me my money back, give me my money back, you bitch.

Don’t get me wrong, Sarah should take some credit for sparking a pro-women-musician movement in the 90s. I think that’s what attracted me to her in the first place. There was quite the shortage of powerful female musicians back then, so I gotta give the lady some props for that. Lilith Fair definitely empowered this Momma to keep singing, and likely inspired many female artists to do the same.

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