Day 17: A Song You Hear Often on the Radio

A song I hear often on the radio: Panic Switch, Silversun Pickups.

About 2 1/2 years ago, the hubs got me a new stereo for my birthday so I could listen to my iPod in my truck without a crappy tape attachment. He didn’t call my Uncle, who works at a car-stereo place, and the system he purchased wasn’t compatible with my truck. When the hubs reinstalled the factory system, the radio didn’t work. But, my CD & tape player still did, so I just accepted it. No radio wasn’t a huge loss when I could hold most of my favorite artists in the palm of my hand. And what I didn’t have, I could access via Pandora or Slacker Radio. A few months ago, the hubs fixed the disconnected radio… and guess what? I still don’t listen to the radio! I tried for a couple of days, and other than enjoying WYCE, GR’s awesome public radio station, I generally got annoyed with how many commercials & chatter I’d encounter on the remaining stations.

So how did I pick today’s selection? When this song was released, I managed to hear it on a few different Pandora stations I had created… Radiohead, Ben Folds, Led Zeppelin & The Beatles if I remember correctly. I already loved Silversun Pickups before Panic Switch came out, so I found it pretty sweet that I’d get to hear this particular song so often. I have yet to be sick of it. I love it, the bass line especially. And I have the ambition to learn it too… someday, ya know, when I actually have time for such things. I swear, I feel like I know the bass line already, it’s another wicked air-bass-guitar line I play like I’m holding my Ibanez when I’m singing along.

The hubs & I were lucky enough to catch Silversun Pickups with friends at the Orbit room about a year & a half ago. The band was TIGHT! Put on a really incredible show. The thing about seeing GA concerts in your thirties is that your goal is no longer to be positioned front row. Sure, that was my goal in my twenties, but in my thirties, if there is seating available, I will stand in line early for that reason alone: please direct me to the nearest chair. My friends & I scored a table right next to the bar in the back… ahhh. Comfort. Overpriced alcohol within reach. We were able to appropriately people watch during the show, making fun of the chics who overdressed and wore heels, some of which were already complaining about their feet hurting. But, since they didn’t get to the concert venue until just before the show started, they are stuck standing… and hurting. Poor things. First concert? Ha! Sorry, I’m a bitch, even when seated comfortably, sporting my very uncool supportive sneakers, just in case we didn’t get seat.

If you haven’t already, crank it up and enjoy a little Silversun Pickups!

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