Day 19: A Song From Your Favorite Album

Uncle, OK?! I tried to feature 30 different artists over these 30 days, I really did. This was a personal rule I set for myself, and although I did consider a few other favorite albums by artists I probably won’t get around to mentioning, I didn’t have a fun or interesting story to go with any of the songs on those albums. Sorry Liz Phair, U2, Janis, The Donnas & The Police, looks like you won’t be making the cut. It’s just another silly little rule I set for myself: If I don’t have a story to share about the song, find another song that can fit that bill. Today, story won over 30 different artists. And yes, I realize I’m only disappointing myself, because I doubt you guys even give a shit if I repeat an artist here or there. But, because I am that much of a freak, this turned into an entirely new challenge: if I’m going to repeat, who could possibly fit the bill? It came down to The Beatles The White Album is my answer to if you could only bring one album to a desert-island and… Radiohead. Over a few beers with the hubs this past weekend, we discussed my seemingly silly dilemma and came to the following conclusion: 

A song from my favorite album: OK Computer. 
Electioneering by Radiohead

When the hubs & I moved to Grand Rapids, our first residence was in the upper 2 levels of a 2-unit rental house in the Heritage Hill district. I loved that house. Fantastically creeky, hardwood floors, oak trim everywhere, 3 BR, a sweet little screen-porch, plus, it was just a short walk to downtown. But the real bonus of this rental was the upper level, the attic for storage to some, but we threw down some rugs, put up some tapestries, and turned it into a pretty sweet music studio. Although were both working full-time and couldn’t find a drummer in town to get a band rolling in GR, we did form a band with an old friend back in Bay City and played a couple New Year’s Eve parties before we started popping out kids.

The hubs & I struggled to learn Electioneering in that beautiful attic, excuse me, music studio, before a few rehearsals with the drummer back in BC. There were some stressful moments up there and we came close to throwing in the towel several times, but something pushed us to keep going. Confession time: we felt some weird presence in that attic, I’m not sure if I even believe in ghosts, but the atmosphere up there was definitely different. Did that presence push us? Who knows. We loved Electioneering so much, that the pressure was probably higher than say, learning to play U2’s comparatively simple Elevation. Plus, the hubs had to learn how to morph 2 guitar parts into one, and sing lead vocals.

One random day, just as we were about to go back to using High & Dry as our Radiohead cover, everything clicked. It may not have been Radiohead caliber, but we did make it work. And the best part? The bass line may have been a challenge for me to learn, but once I got through the learning curve, I had so much fun, Electioneering became one of my favorite songs to play. Just goes to show you, sometimes ya gotta try, just a little bit harder. 

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