Day 2: Your Least Favorite Song

Owner of a Lonely Heart, Yes

I love Yes. I have seen them live several times, and the band always puts on an incredible show. Unfortunately, the song they are usually known for is this one, and that has always disappointed me. Every time I’ve seen Yes in concert, they feel the need to play this awful song and you can tell that they are as sick of it as their hard-core fans. But there’s always some random drunk, middle-aged lady SO excited to hear her song. I usually use this song as my bathroom break during their shows. Seems appropriate.

There are definitely songs I despise more than this one, by bands much less talented. However, based on the tiny amount of radio I actually listen to, I swear, I hear this damn song every time I turn on a classic rock station; I couldn’t resist expressing my distaste for it. I just wish classic-rock DJs would play less Owner of a Lonely Heart and more Long Distance Runaround, Heart of the Sunrise or anything off of Close to the Edge.

What’s your least favorite song?

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