Day 21: A Song You Enjoy Singing in the Car

A song you enjoy singing in the car: Rich, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

During my first pregnancy, I was working full time, dealing with a dick of a manager. He didn’t do much of anything at work, but judged every move I made, which I would call him out on… and ended up canning my sorry ass when my OB cut down my hours 10 weeks before I was due because of high blood pressure. Oh yeah. Good times. I’m way over it at this point, but the situation isn’t my favorite thing to think about. 

Nearly every day on my drive to that job, I’d blast Fever to Tell. This incredible Yeah Yeah Yeahs album would give me the motivation I needed in order to deal with the little maggot for another 8 hours. Just hearing the first notes of the song instantly gives me this sense of power, but as soon as Karen O screams “I’LL TAKE YOU OUT, BOY!” Oh man… chills. I love belting it out now as much as I did back then. But my rage I’d feel during Rich turned into strength as soon as Date with a Night & Man play, and my life would be put back into perspective. Because I knew that I had so many better things to look forward to. 

And guess what? I was right. 

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