Day 25, A Song That Makes You Laugh

A song that makes me laugh: Rock Your Socks Off, Tenacious D

If you’re sensitive to swearing… well, this is your warning. The D & I… we like to swear.

If the above video doesn’t play, here’s the link:

A long ass fucking time ago, before I had children… a good friend of mine played me their Tenacious D album and I instantly fell in love with this Jack Black & Kyle Gass duo. Ok, ok I became 
obsessed with this band. At one point in time, the hubs & I selected & dismissed friends based on their love of The D. You enjoyed The D, you were our friend. It actually worked rather well. Tenacious D fans are fun, have big hearts, and don’t take themselves too seriously. One summer, while hanging out in the middle of the day at the hubs’ family cabin in BFE, we blasted Tenacious D’s self-titled album over our PA and all 12 of us sang along, beers in hand of course, through laughter, in various harmonies from Kielbasa to City Hall. It .Was. Awesome.

What I really love about The D is that they’re actually a talented band! If you haven’t heard any Tenacious D songs, you’re likely thinking, Jack Black?! Musician?! Yes, that Jack Black. Hell, any band that can get Dave Grohl behind a drumkit instead of screaming into a microphone rocks my socks off.  But the songs are full of funny, creative lyrics and the music itself is fantastic. From the sweet love song Fuck Her Gently to the upbeat Friendship, their debut album is one of my all-time favs.

The challenge for us now is that our kids enjoyed listening to The D… which was fun until my girls started singing along. That was a little awkward with some of those raunchy lyrics. Now The D is something the hubs & I blast when we’re in the car alone; I take the high parts, he takes the low. We’ll laugh with JB&KG and my girls again someday… for now, it’s become a sacred listening experience for the two of us, and our D-loving friends, when we’re having one of those rare kid-free moments. 

my love of The D runs deep, this is on the back of my truck… jealous? 

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