Day 26, A Song You Can Play on an Instrument

A song that you can play on an instrument: This is Love, PJ Harvey

I was a little unsure about the song when I heard it the first time. It seemed like the same guitar/bass riff over & over. But like a good wine: the more I listened to it, the better it got. I loved it, I craved hearing the emotional guitar, heavy bass & drum-beat and that incredibly raw & sexy Polly Jean voice. After I heard it a few times, I not only did I know I could play the bass line, I knew I could sing it too. Sometimes, you’re meant to play a song. I learned This is Love within a half-hour. Very easy, but one of my favorite songs to sing & play. The hubs picked up the guitar rather quickly too, and honestly, I think he plays it better than she does… there, I said it!

For my 30th birthday party we hung out at my house with some of our close friends and caught a nice buzz rather early. Once the sun set, we headed down the street to a bar for another few rounds, where a band was playing. We listened to them play a few songs, then they took a break. A couple friends were egging us on to take over their instruments to play a song. We had jammed with one of our friends, who is an amazing drummer, but we never played This is Love with this particular drummer before. However, that was the only song I knew I could play & remember all the words to as wasted as I was. Our good friend actually convinced the band on break to let us take over for a song… telling them “Ya know, you’re not very good. My friends are amazing, they’ll blow your mind.” I don’t know how that sold the half-assed band, but for some reason, it worked. I nervously strapped on a 5-string bass for the first time ever, the hubs strapped on the electric guitar and our good friend sat behind the drum-kit, never playing this song before in his life…  we fumbled a tiny-bit through the opening, then somehow, came together to play This Is Love so hard, the entire bar’s jaws dropped, I swear. We nailed it, rocked the joint, and left everyone in the bar wanting more. Although, I don’t think we had another song in us, so it’s a good thing we walked away. It was an incredible feeling, and by far, my best birthday ever.

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