Day 27, A Song You Wish You Could Play

A song I wish I could play: Three Days, Jane’s Addiction

I started to learn the bass part, which is fantastic, but it’s just not as fun as Dave Navarro’s emotional guitar… Or, maybe it’s just that I want to be playing bass with Dave Navarro backing me on guitar, hmmm.  Bottom line, if I could learn to play just one song on electric guitar… this would be it. 

Jane’s Addiction is such an incredible rock band. I’ve seen them live several times, which is an experience in itself. Jane’s is up there with Queens of the Stone Age for me… echoing that sex, drugs & rock-n-roll theme I crave. The forbidden, sexy lyrics… the raw guitar… and something about Perry Farrell’s voice. I wasn’t so sure about his voice at first, but the intensity and control of his voice goes so well with the rest of the music. Jane’s is rock music at it’s finest and unless it’s Jane Says for the 1000th time, I rarely skip one of their songs when it comes up on random. 

I could go on for Three Days about the reasons why Jane’s is one of my generation’s greatest bands, but this is a long song, so I’m going to shut up. I beg of you to listen to the entire, epic song. 

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