Day 28: Thirsty Thursday!! A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

A song that makes me feel guilty: Chocolate Salty Balls, Chef

Oh yeah… it’s raunchy, it’s hilarious and I love it. Even better, I have a fun story about this song! Grab a beer and have a seat.

Several years ago, in a land before children… the hubs & I were in Bay City for the weekend. If you ever go bar-hopping in Bay City, you will end up stumbling into karaoke at some point. After a few bars, a few more beers and shots of tequila with our friends, I saw this song in the karaoke book, and I could not resist submitting my husband to sing it. I’m a funny girl, aren’t I?

The bar wasn’t super packed, maybe a 15-20 people when the hubs got called up to sing his song. He didn’t know what I had selected for him, so when he saw the title show up on the screen, he almost died laughing then and there. The music started… the hubs started singing in his best bluesy, but serious voice:
2 tablespoons of cinnamon, and 2 or 3 egg whites… and my friends & I were already chuckling. About half way through the song, people started walking out of the bar. By the last chorus, my friends & I were crying we were laughing so hard. I think I even peed my pants a little, it was so damn hilarious! The hubs was singing his heart out, having a BLAST singing it… and we had a riot just watching him, and at the prudes leaving, completely disgusted. By the end of the song, he had cleared the bar. Seriously. Cleared it!! My stomach hurt the next day from laughing so hard. 

Now, although I feel moderately guilty hearing this song, I can’t resist signing the hubs up when I see it in a karaoke book. It’s never as funny as the first time, but it’s always a fun time. 


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