Day 29: A Song From Your Childhood

A song from my childhood: Sir Psycho Sexy, Red Hot Chili Peppers

When I was 15, I did not consider myself a child. I had jobs, teaching music in my church’s catechism program & babysitting. I had a boyfriend. And I balanced that with school & extra-curricular activities like choir, drama club and a performing arts troupe. At the time, I thought I was adult. I wasn’t even close. I look at 21 year olds and think they are children. Hell, there are days that I still consider myself to young to be going through certain things.

The point of that above statement is because even though I could go on about how big of a loser I was as a child, Amy Grant was my first concert and I obsessed over Debbie Gibson at age 9… that’s about all I can contribute. Poison did open up my eyes to the wonderful world of rock music though… and by the time I was 15, even though I didn’t own many rock albums yet, I definitely appreciated that music when I had the opportunity to hear it.

I was a member of a performing arts troupe my sophomore year of high school. The troupe blended students from all the local area high schools, and incorporated mentally & physically handicapped students as well. Our troupe had the opportunity to perform at the Michigan Youth Arts Festival at Western Michigan University that year. So exciting to stay in the dorms with friends I had bonded with over the many months of rehearsals & performances. One of my fondest memories included hanging out in the dorms and blasting Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic while laughing our asses off over Sir Psycho Sexy. We didn’t really know the words very well, it was one of those kiss this guy moments… my friend that owned the album admitted to just singing heeba beeba, haba beba beeba during a specific part of the song. Back in those days, we didn’t have the fancy schmancy internet to google lyrics. We actually had to rewind the tape yes, tape,countless times to figure out the lyrics on our own, and even then, especially when it came to mumblers like Anthony Kiedis, it was a craps-shoot! But after several rewinds and a trio of teen-girl crack-ups later, we came to the shocking conclusion that the lyrics were creamy beaver, hotter than a fever. After almost dying of laughter, we decided that our lyrics were more fun, and I still find myself singing the heeba version when I listen to it. But the other reason I love this tiny bit of misheard lyrics? Nearly 20 years later, when the 3 of us write each other, we randomly sign our notes… and now FB posts & texts with heeba beeba. Just because.

Some childhood memories are sacred & stick with you for life.

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