Day 3: A Song That Makes You Happy

I love The Beatles. I almost feel it’s cliché to call them my favorite band. Aren’t they everyone’s favorite band? I mean, come on. If you love music. If you’re a musician. If you listen to any genre of music, really. The Beatles inspired the world, and so many of the artists we love were influenced by The Beatles. The harmonies, the lyrics, the guitars, the amazing bass line that never stays in one place… what’s not to love? 

I have enjoyed Lovely Rita from the first moment I heard Paul singing “Aaaaaaaaaah” and in my own warped mind, I can totally play the piano solo. Ok, so it’s a wicked air-piano-solo, but come on. Lovely Rita may not be The Beatles’ best song. But this song always, always puts a smile on my face, and Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is an album that I can listen to, beginning to end, sing every word, in harmony and feel so happy & inspired by the end.

I could’ve done 30 days of songs and listed all Beatles songs… I believe my narrowed down choices did include quite a few Beatles songs. If you’re not a fan of The Beatles, or you feel they are overrated or whatever your negative reaction to The Beatles may be, I beg of you to listen to Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band & The White Album beginning to end. Revolver & Rubber Soul if you really want to get into them. Go ahead and get Abbey Road & Let it Be while you’re at it. After you listen, really listen to each album… realize that many of their albums were released less than a year apart, months apart in many cases. The Beatles didn’t throw out an album just to release an album either, they composed incredibly, thought-provoking albums with distinct harmonies, amazing lyrics and incredible musicianship. Some of the tracks we know & love were recorded and never needed a 2nd take. How many artists do that today?

The Beatles make me happy… I’m such a dorky Beatles fan, I even dressed up as Lovely Rita one Halloween. Do you have a favorite Beatles song?

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