Day 30: Your Favorite Song at This Time Last Year

My favorite song at this time last year: Them Crooked Vultures: Elephants

To say I was geeked when my boyfriend Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age formed a band with John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin & Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters is an understatement. I’ve mentioned each of these artists over the course of these 30 days… ok, so Dave Grohl was only mentioned in the Tenacious D post, but still. Like I said then, any band that puts Dave Grohl behind a drum-kit where he belongs has a fan in me. I like the Foo Fighters, but I feel Dave Grohl sells himself short in that band. Most FF songs sound the same to me, which is boring.

When the news broke about this new supergroup named Them Crooked Vultures, I was already in love, even before I heard a lick of it. They didn’t disappoint… and I can’t wait to see them live someday soon. I’m sure Josh Homme will be singing with that sexy-rock voice directly to me, just like he did when I saw him front QOTSA a few years back. But I may actually fight the 20somethings and attempt to get front row instead of a seat if we do see TCV in a GA format.

I was also obsessed with another song during this time last year. A beautifully raw anthem by an actress I adore… and no, she’s not blonde and singing everywhere these days. This chic is a rock star.

Honorable Mention: Terra Incognita, Juliette Lewis

The line You gotta love what you live and give what you love before you get it back speaks to me on so many levels, it’s practically my mantra. It would be a complete shame for me to do this entire list and not feature her on it at some point. I love powerful chic rockers.

But on that note, I’ve rambled on long enough, just crank it up, hit play and enjoy.

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