Day 8: A Song You Know All The Words To

A Song You Know All The Words To: Holiday, Green Day

After our first daughter was born, one of the the only ways we would get any child-free time would be to drive across the state to our hometown so one of her grandparents could take care of her. The only issue with this? Around 8 months of age, Natalie went to snoozing the whole drive to screaming entire 2 hours. She hated long drives. We tried calming her down with different music we thought babies might enjoy, like The Beatles, Norah Jones, Ben Folds or, her namesake, Natalie Merchant. Nada. We moved onto rock and discovered our only salvation when blasting Green Day’s American Idiot. We got to the point of listening to the full album 2-3 times on trips to/from Bay City, and beyond, it worked so well. We barely took the album out of the CD player in my truck! By the time the 3rd track came on, if she hadn’t already, Natalie would instantly calm down. She would get SO excited when Holiday would start she would kick her cute little legs to the beat of the song. She was singing along to Holiday by the time she was 2 years old. Sure, there are lots of naughty words on this album, but at least it was full of great music, positive lyrics and incredible harmonies that the hubs & I know every word to and enjoy singing along with. Naughty words are still just words. And guess what? Your kids won’t make a big deal out of them if you don’t.

Last summer, we had the pleasure of taking Natalie to see her favorite band, Green Day. It’s a memory I’ll cherish for the rest of my life, seeing her face light up when Billie Jo hit the stage… but especially when Holiday started. My 5 year old screamed with delight! Some parents choose to play The Wiggles or *gag* lullaby versions of particular rock songs without even trying to play the original artists’ rendition for their little ones. Why not? If they don’t like it, they don’t like it. But why not try playing some of your favorite albums with your kids to see which ones they take a liking to? Won’t be long before they’ll potentially be forcing you to listen to the latest pop bullshit. May as well expose them to the good stuff while you have the chance…

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