Day 9: A Song That You Can Dance To

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Day 9: A Song That You Can Dance To. Shake ’em On Down, North Mississippi Allstars

Ok, ok… so I can’t formally dance to this particular song. If I chose from the songs I can formally dance to, it’d be a weird song from a musical you’ve never heard of. Yes, I can dance. I’m not the greatest dancer in the world, but I can hold my own and have been in many large & small dance numbers in musicals over the years. It’s so much fun. I’d love to take a dance class with the hubs, learn to tango or something. We love to dance at weddings… even if we’re not super good, we have fun, and when it comes to dancing, that’s all that matters in my book. That, and some obvious sense of rhythm.

When I lived in Tucson, I was lucky enough to work for a music management company. It was like a dream come true for this rock-lovin’ chic. We mainly worked with record producers , but we also managed two bands: Cracker & North Mississippi Allstars. I actually got to bar-hop with Johnny Hickman & David Lowery one random night, but I’ll save that story for a future Thirsty Thursday post. Today, I’m talking about Cody & Luther Dickinson and Chris Chew, the men of North Mississippi Allstars. I got to talk to these guys daily on the phone while they were on their first nationwide tour. Chris Chew, the bass player, was always super sweet, would flirt and start actual conversations. Cody, the drummer, was also very fun & down to earth, easy to talk to. (My sister has a personal story about Cody… maybe she can guest post for another future Thirsty Thursday post… HA!) Luther was the serious one of the group. He was a nice guy, also down to earth, but when he would call, you could tell he had shit to do, so the small talk with the chic who answered the phones wasn’t on his to-do list. No big deal, I get it. If I were as talented as Luther, playing incredible licks on slide guitar and using my fingers instead of a pick (*note* I do use my fingers instead of a pick when I play my bass, but not guitar, ouch!) I wouldn’t want to waste my time talking to some random receptionist either. Anyways, these guys were talented, but generally a good group of guys with a lot of heart. You couldn’t help but root for them to make it big.

This song, Shake ’em On Down was their first single, hit, whathaveyou. I didn’t hear it much on mainstream radio, but it did make it onto the Holes Soundtrack, although my favorite version is on their Hill Country Revue album, live from Bonnaroo in 2004 . I’ve seen this song performed live a few times, and although many of NMA’s songs are fun to dance to, this is by far my favorite. I love dancing to this tune in my living room with my kids. Even when we’re in the car, it’s just not a song I can sit still listening to! So fun.

If you haven’t hit play yet, crank it up, get up on your feet and dance with me!

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