Dear Sedona:

Tomorrow, you will be 5 years old… which means today is the last day you will be 4 years old… and it feels so bittersweet. 

You are my 2nd daughter, and I didn’t realize just how much my love could grow for another little girl until you were born. 
You have brought our family more joy than I could ever measure, Sedona. Since you were a baby, you have been our “little comedian” doing whatever you could to make the people you love laugh. And that laughter is fuel to your comedic fire. You are a natural performer… just like your Momma & Daddy.
You love so big, Sedona; sometimes I feel like you could burst with happiness when you see your friends. You also walk away from drama when necessary. Two traits I hope do not change too much as you grow. Love makes the world go round, and if more people could walk away from the drama & love as freely as you do, the world would be a very beautiful place. 
The differences between you & your sister amaze me at times… yet I am so incredibly grateful for each of your unique personalities. Watching you & Natalie play together, whether it’s full of belly-laughs, or play that turns into a fight, I know you are both learning so much from each other. I feel that even the arguments with your sisters are huge life lessons. You may not like each other 100% of the time, but I hope you appreciate the deep love you share. 
Before you were born, Natalie was very quiet & shy. I truly believe you are one of the many aspects of life that brought your sister out of her shell. You challenge, respect & encourage your sister, and that is a beautiful gift to give to your big sister. 
I am so proud of the beautiful, spirited, talented little girl you have grown into. I miss my baby, and it pains me to know that those years are behind us… but I love watching you learn & experience all that life has to offer. You soak in every moment you have and celebrate it. Your Daddy & I have learned so much about embracing the moment from you. Sedona, that is one of the greatest gifts you have given us. 
You aren’t perfect, and you may even drive your Daddy & I to drink on occasion, but that’s ok, because here’s a little secret — Momma & Daddy really like beer! And we think it’s pretty cool that your favorite “restaurant” is Founders
I love you and your sister so much, and I feel so lucky to be your Momma. 
Happy 5th Birthday, Sedona. 

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