Decisions, Decisions…

Today, I watched a girl make a decision on the spot, 
confident and assured that it was the right decision. 
Who does something like that?! 
Where’s the research? 
The fret? The wondering if it’ll only lead to regret?! 
The decision wasn’t as simple as what to eat for lunch either, 
it was a decision that would lead to semi-permanent results… 
I took my children to get their back-to-school hair cuts this morning. 
When I asked my oldest where she would like her hair cut, she pointed at her shoulders. 
Have you seen my daughter’s long blonde hair?! 
Natalie was excited about a change… and this I admire. 
I brushed & played with her long locks while we waited for our turn, resisting the urge to stop her. I knew this would be an excellent teachable moment… for both of us. Allowing her to make a decision like this with me lending my positive support could lead to good things down the road, both for her confidence and our relationship. I’m sure you can guess how many decisions my mother allowed me to make growing up. I was nervous that Natalie would hate it… worried what that might mean for my awesome teachable moment. I focused on the excitement of it all instead, staying positive.
I watched the hair fall, and my daughter continue to smile through it. 
I was hoping she’d keep smiling once she saw just how much hair was gone.
But she didn’t care. She shook her hair and smiled even bigger!
Yay!! It’s adorable! 

And Natalie noted that her little sister’s hair is now longer than hers for the first time… evah. 
No matter what happened today, 
whether the results of her decision would’ve led to happiness or regret, 
I’m grateful for the chance to allow my daughter to make decisions. 
Although I don’t believe in regrets, 
it’s not always easy for adults [like me] to be decisive. 
I believe my little girl taught me a lesson today. 
Love it when that happens. 
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