Disney World: Let’s DRINK!

What would Momma’s Disney World series be without a little discussion on drinking? 
Because… let’s be honest here, 
I was a mother on vacation with her kids. 
I had to deal with moments like this: 
Can you tell how much Natalie loved the carrousel? 
Especially when she didn’t get the horse she wanted. Oh yes. Good times.
Also had to deal with a 4yo who wanted to be carried way more than she should’ve. 
Many moments with Sedona looked like this: 
Wish I could include the audio of her screaming to be carried, because that was super fun.
By day 3, we bit the bullet and forced our 38lb 4yo into a rental-stroller because our backs couldn’t take it anymore!
Momma needed to put a little alcohol on it on more than one occasion last week.
But hold the phone… 
I was in the alcohol-free Magic Kingdom quite a bit, how in the Disney-World did I manage to survive? 
Say hello to my little friend… 
As much as Momma loves her beer, beer is damn spendy in Disney World! 
Anywhere from $5-9/pint depending on where you were drinking it. 
And yes, most restaurants do serve alcohol, as long as they aren’t in the Magic Kingdom.
I’m not saying the hubs and I didn’t splurge on a few beers during our vacation; the Yuengling I did enjoy was fantastic! The thing is, Florida has some pretty tight laws about regulating the cost of liquor. Meaning, you can purchase liquor right in the Polynesian, and it’ll cost the same there as it would anywhere else in Florida. 
Plus, it was very easy to toss into a flask — or into our handy-dandy refillable mugs we received with our Disney Dining-plan!! 
Judge me if you will, but remember, we didn’t drive anywhere in Florida… and the alcohol was so necessary sometimes, we absorbed it and never got to the point of being full-on drunk. Along with being used as celebratory toast to vacation, it mainly served a purpose to help us numb the pain & anxiety you feel when you are on “vacation” with your children.
Craptastic moments seen above = bathroom break with flasky. 
Sorry, not gonna toss back a flask on the carousel… as much as I wanted to!!! The People-mover on the other hand… was a little easier to sneak a drink on. #thereIsaidit
Remember that long day I mentioned yesterday, where we crammed 2 character meals into one day and wanted to crash at 6p?! Instead of fighting the crowds for the Electric Parade, we went back to the Polynesian and hung out on the beach. We could see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom right from there. And the Polynesian hosts a Disney movie on a big blow-up screen immediately after the fireworks right on the beach nightly, and actually pause the movie for the Seven Seas Electrical Water Pageant that traditionally floats by the Polynesian every night at 9pm.
The kids were a little loopy & tired, but I grabbed a few snacks & the $1 tube of glow-sticks I brought from Target the week before. We let the kids pick out whatever they wanted to drink while the hubs & I enjoyed some downtime, on the beach in lounge-chairs, cocktails in our mugs, kids fairly happy. Well, Sedona gets deliriously funny when she gets tired, so that’s a fun show to watch anytime… Natalie just crashes, which was also ok. We don’t get a lot of snuggle time with our oldest anymore.
I savored that evening. We really felt like we were on vacation in that moment. 
So, cheers to liquor… cheers to beer… cheers to however you manage to celebrate when you are vacationing with your kids in Disney World… or wherever your travels take you!
Hope you’re enjoying my week-long series on Disney World. Have you missed anything this week? Make sure you catch up with No Diapers in Disney World, Disney World Prep: Stage One and Disney World Prep Stage Two: Let’s EAT! Hope you tune in tomorrow for a few final comments about our favorite rides and character moments.
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  1. Posted March 22, 2012 at 9:34 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for sharing your Disney vacation! Will be there this summer 🙂 Reading your post made me more excited to take my vacation in the Magical kingdom especially now that I won’t be bringing stroller along knowing about Stroller Rental Moms would surely enjoy too. Thanks!

    • Posted March 23, 2012 at 9:53 am | Permalink

      The stroller-rental at WDW was awesome. I only wish we could’ve taken it with us back to the Polynesian. That was the only downside. But, since our hotel room was so close to the monorail and the main building, it really wasn’t too big of a deal. Thanks for stopping by, Izza!!

  2. Posted March 23, 2012 at 9:02 pm | Permalink

    Liam gets hysterical when he’s over tired too. They’d be a hoot together.

  3. Posted March 26, 2012 at 8:11 am | Permalink

    Oh my that’s the usual case with kids. That’s why we make sure to have strollers with us everytime we visit WDW. Stroller rentals in Orlando are cheap so I recommend every parent to consider this options.

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