Drowning in Babies

This isn’t our baby, but the picture makes me think… too much.

My sister & I at her baby shower (with her TINY bump!)

‘Tis the season to pro-create? Seems like many of my friends & family have been shooting babies out of their bodies over the last several months. I loooooove babies, and it’s been so fun to hold these new living angels in my arms… then give them back. I think about adding another one to our family every so often, ok, daily lately, shaddup. It is especially hard since my 2 year old is the same age my oldest was when I became pregnant last time around. The age difference is practically perfect between my girls. And as I sort through the many baby items I’ve accumulated over the last 6 years so I can pass them along to my sister (who is due with her first baby — a girl — in March!) the thought of never feeling another baby move within me, never holding another baby in my arms while they nurse at my breast, never seeing my children bond & fall in love with another sibling as they have so well with each other… well, it makes me a little sad.

The hubs & I holding our friends’ twins!

I love having 2 little girls. A family of four seems to be a good fit for the hubs & I. And with my youngest turning 3 in March, the independence both of my girls have developed is a very nice bonus. The hubs & I can actually accomplish things without getting interrupted every 5 minutes. Now we get interrupted every 15-20 minutes, but still… it’s an improvement! We’ve also been able to regain some level of a life over the last year or so. We went to more concerts last year than we’d been to in the last 6 years combined. The hubs & I are playing & singing music together again too; connecting on a deeper level by having the freedom to go out without the kids and feel like, oh, I don’t know, what’s the word? Oh yeah: human. We can still somewhat afford to go out to dinner if we don’t feel like making it, or just need to get out of the house for a couple hours with or without the kids. Many of these things I just listed wouldn’t be happening if we added another baby to our brood right now. Plus, the fact that I’ve just lost 50lbs? Well, I really don’t feel like getting pregnant tomorrow and gaining the weight I just lost over the last 8 months back.

Pros, cons… there are many more.

My friend Sandy & her new baby: 10 days old

My last pro/con… whatever you want to call it — is definitely a head-scratcher. As much as I love my 2 sweet & adorable daughters, I’d really love a son. Can’t fully guarantee that if I were to get pregnant again. I’ve done the daughter thing, and I really don’t want any more little girls. I’m pink’d out. Don’t get me wrong, if I got pregnant and had another daughter, I know I’d love her to pieces! I thought Sedona was a boy, and she’s been the light of our world ever since! No complaints there. I’d just love to raise a little boy… his father is one of the greatest men I know, and if we could raise a little boy, watch him develop into an amazing guy similar to the one I married, the world would be a better place. That, and I know my daughters will go through a major Mom-hating phase in their life, and for some reason, I don’t feel that sons do that to their mothers. Selfish, huh? Oh well! It’s very likely it’ll never happen, so it really doesn’t matter.

Another friend’s sweet baby girl, born on New Year’s Day;
10 days old, a little over 5 lbs!
The tiniest baby I’ve ever held in my arms. 

Right now, at this moment in time, I love my life. I love my daughters, and I’m loving all the babies that are coming into my life through friends and family. I will cherish these babies while I have this moment to do so… maybe a night of babysitting my new niece in the not-so-distant future will seal the deal once and for all. Then I’ll be happy I can send her home to my sister & brother-in-law… and nurse my beer instead.

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