Since I began featuring a beer-of-the-week, the biggest complaint I have heard is “Too many IPAs!

Look, I get it — I really do.

While I am fully aware of my IPA obsession — the first step is acceptance — I know that every one’s palate is unique, and IPAs aren’t for everyone. 

So today, my Beer-of-the-week is not an IPA. In fact, it is a Michigan Ale I have featured in previous blogposts, and even in a few TV appearances over the last couple of years. And there is a reason — it’s so damn good!

Brewery Vivant Farmhand

Vivant’s delicious flagship French-Style Farmhouse Saison pours out bright like sunshine, with a cloudy haze to keep the day interesting. Farmhand’s flavor is sweet, with a slight sour note that belgian ales are known for. At 5% ABV and only 150 calories, Farmhand is a fantastic craft beer to drink all day on the beach. Vivant is a brewery that ONLY cans their beer… which is yet another reason to love them.  Brewery Vivant Farmhand

Brewery Vivant is housed in a gorgeous former funeral chapel in the heart of the East Hills neighborhood in Grand Rapids. Vivant specializes in Belgian/French-style beers — which translates to: heavy on the wheat/fruity-yeast/sour side of the flavor scale. From my experience, if you *hate* IPAs, you may actually *love* Belgians — because in many ways, they are on opposite ends of the flavor spectrum. Stop sending me hate mail, I know that rule doesn’t always hold true! I have friends that may be hesitant to indulge in a belgian-style beer, but if they really dislike IPAs… I recommend Vivant’s Farmhand, or another Belgian/French-style ale to them… and it is rare to see anything but a smile after their first few sips. Especially if they discover that slight hint of banana in the finish of Farmhand.

You can find Brewery Vivant’s Farmhand, and many of their other delicious beers on tap and in cans around bars and stores in Michigan and Chicago.



If you have a suggestion for a beer I MUST try in the coming weeks, please email me: MommaNeedsABeer {at} gmail {dot} com with the subject Beer of the Week. Although I adore having access to many delicious Michigan beers, I’d love to expand my palate to beers with broader availability. If I choose to feature your beer, I will send you a MNAB magnet and mention you on here as well as facebook and twitter, if you’re into such things. 

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