Itchin’ To Go Fishin’!

Daddy and his girls

Last weekend was “Free Fishing Weekend” in Michigan.

This was also the first weekend of summer vacation…which seems to have already earned the title of  “boring” to my 5 & 8 year olds.


As the kids dug for worms in the backyard Saturday, the hubs & I quickly decided that we How many days until school starts again? 69? Crap.

should take advantage of the free fishing weekend; give our kids something fun to do, and possibly a lesson in patience.

The kids were very excited about the idea of fishing and couldn’t talk about much else for the next 24 hours.

Now, it must be stated that I have a personal policy against opening my laptop on weekends, so we didn’t do a lot of planning. We loaded up our fishing gear & a healthy amount of beer, water & snacks, then used our iPhones to navigate our way to the best fishin’ hole.

Sedona looking for worms

Except… we kept hitting dead ends.

The kids didn’t seem to mind though, but by the last half of the 2nd hour of driving around in the middle of BFE… we heard about it.

So, after driving around a few lakes that turned out to be COMPLETELY private, we headed back to good old Grand Rapids and hit up Reeds Lake… where there was an available deck fit just for our humble little amateur family. YAY!“Where ARE we?! I thought we were going fishing!”

Once the hubs set up our solitary fishing pole, Sedona dumped out the worms to find the PERFECT one to stab & purge into the lake.

Here fishy fishy... 

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. 70 degrees a little cloudy & breezy. No humidity… I could’ve stayed there all day

The kids were happy too. Even though we didn’t catch a damn thing… we managed to avoid the dreaded curse of the bordem monster that day… and in my world, that is a definite win.

More Sillies Silliness

Daddy and Natalie

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