Girls Like Beer Too…

Cheers to you on this Thirsty Thursday, friends!! Grab a beer and read on!

If you’ve been a fan of Momma Needs a Beer from the get-go, it’s very likely you read Girls like Beer Too and shouted a big fat DUH. Or maybe you’re stopping by Momma Needs a Beer for the first time today (Welcome! Cheers to you!!) because you read Girls Like Beer Too and thought… really? I don’t know any beer drinking gals. 
Personally speaking, I’ve always preferred beer over girlie cocktails. My passion for beer runs deep, and I will take a tiny bit of pleasure in watching a girlie-girl drink only cocktails all night and do my best to predict the exact moment she will turn into a hot mess, pass out &/or puke… usually each of these issues happen about 15 min apart, or less. These girls actually judge me because I’m drinking a beer and holding my own talking football while playing cards with their boyfriends. I don’t see this girlie-girl figure as often as I used to, but then again, I am a beer snob, and I do tend to socialize with fellow beer-lovers these days. Plus, I haven’t been to a college party in years
Yes, certain beer will get you drunk even faster than certain cocktails… and if you add liquor to beer, like the yummy Obliviator, your night will likely end soon after the beer-concoction is gone. But if you plan to extend your partying ways for more than an hour or two, beer is always the way to go, IMHO
To my not-really-a-surprise, when I attended multiple sponsored parties at BlogHer (yes, I’m talking about BlogHer again… last post about it, promise!), most only offered up one or two special cocktails made for the event… possibly an option for wine, but beer? I heard the phrase Sorry, no beer available for this party. Way too often. And I uttered but… Momma NEEDS a Beer! way too often in response. 
I doubt it’s a huge shocker that I’m not a big girlie-girl. I like hanging out with the boys. I do enjoy a cocktail on occasion. But I can’t drink pink or blue cocktails all night. And if that’s my only option, it’s very likely I will leave your party. I attended one party that offered 1 weak special concoction and the only other option was white wine. They didn’t even have red wine. What the WHAAA? How many regrets do these sponsored parties want us ladies to have when we wake up the next day? Can you say hangover-headache? 
I know I shouldn’t complain about complimentary drinks. Really. I know this. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that jazz. I do have a point here. 
Two kick-ass beer-drinking ladies at CheeseBurgHer
At the BlogHer sponsored parties, I was relieved to see that there was actually beer available. Nothing special, but I happily drank my beer and looked around for my fellow beer-drinking ladies to toast. There weren’t many of us… but I did see some of you proudly carrying a bottle of beer instead of a cocktail. The hubs wasn’t technically allowed into these official BlogHer parties (he did get into CheeseBurgHer though… shhhh!) so the parties I did get him a ticket to, not only was I disappointed with the lack of beer option, but he was stuck drinking a pink or blue drink too. Hello? Like he didn’t already feel out of place. I know this is a mainly conference for women, but, seriously people, take note:
*Grabs megaphone* 
Girls like beer too!! 
I’m happy to announce that my first BlogHer experience made me realize this is a perfect opportunity for me to host a Beer Only party for BlogHer’12. Thinking of calling it Mommas Need Beer! Original, huh? I’m starting my campaign early with the hopes that maybe a local New York brewery either near the NY Hilton or a quick walk/subway ride away will help me out here. I would also be willing to host a beer tasting party with supplies from a few of my favorite Michigan Breweries (if given the funds to drive/stay in a suite I could keep the beer on ice for the drive and host the beer only party in my suite). 
This is in the dream-stage now, and if my beer party is going to actually happen, it will take some time & planning. So, I need some help. If you are familiar with some awesome NYC breweries… or just want to help me out with the planning process for this party (I will definitely need some help, that’s why I’m kicking off this beer only party campaign 11 months early), comment below OR shoot me out an email here
Raise your beer bottles & pint glasses… Beer lovers UNITE!!! 

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