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Confession time! One of my absolute biggest guilty-pleasures is award show season. I’m a sucker for the red-carpet arrivals… and I almost always manage to stay up until the last award is given, even if I haven’t seen any of the movies that are up for that, usually biggest award of the evening. I don’t exactly know why, I can DVR it, I can see the winner’s list online as soon as I wake up in the morning, but for some reason, it’s just a traditional guilty-pleasure I can’t let go of… even though I have way more important things to do in my life, like sleep so I have enough energy to deal with a 6 & 2 year old hours later. It’s not like I need this information to hit up the water-cooler at “work” in the morning. My 6 & 2 year old “bosses” barely know who Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie are. I do say barely, because my 6 year old does enjoy Captain Jack Sparrow. Loving Johnny Depp is indeed ageless.

One of my favorite award-shows is the Golden Globe Awards. It’s kind of silly when I start to think about it. Who are the Hollywood Foreign Press anyhow?! And how do they pick the winners that I usually end up scoffing at?! Yes, I usually root for the underdog, and I’m biased toward my favorites, even if I haven’t seen any of the other nominees’ work. Sue me.

One of the fun aspects about the Golden Globes is that it’s very laid-back. Every table has a few bottles of champagne and you can just tell that some celebs get a little more trashed at the open bar than others… but the speeches do tend to get more livelier as the night goes on!! And guess what? I’m right there with them, usually starting with champagne and ending with a beer, making my own slurred acceptance speech. 
Celebration Cinema

Something I find challenging is getting a chance to see a few of the nominated films before the Oscars are handed out. Well, I have a very special treat for you… I am giving away a $40 GIFT CARD to Celebration! Cinema! That’s right, friends! My fantastic, local-chain of movie theaters here in Grand Rapids (with IMAX & other locations throughout Michigan) have hooked me up to do TWO big giveaways, and this is the first one… the next one? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. Let’s just say the Golden Globes are usually seen as the warm-up to the Oscars. My Celebration! Cinema giveaway will work the same way… so you may want to follow, subscribe via email or RSS feed to stay in the loop! 

Check out the list of nominees here. Comment below with your favorite category (i.e. Best Motion Picture, Drama, Best Motion Picture Actress in a Comedy or Musical, etc) and who you think (or hope!) will win, and include your email address with your entry. Every comment is an entry! Limit one entry per email address. I will also grant you ONE bonus entry if you follow me on twitter. But, you need to post 2 separate comments to gain 2 entries. Please post your twitter user-name in the 2nd comment to qualify. Already follow me on twitter? Awesome. Bonus entry is open to new & old followers. I will randomly pick one winner from all of the comments below on Monday, January 17th. Winner will be notified Monday morning. 

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